Rev. MEYER, Bernard MM


* Birth in Iowa (愛荷華州)USA: [1891]
* Arrival in Hong Kong: [1941]
* Death in New York (紐約),
USA: [8 May 1975]

Father Bernard Meyer, M.M.

Father Bernard Meyer, MM, died in New York on 8 May 1975, aged 84. A tribute to the memory of this very great missionary will appear next week.
16 May 1975


There is less drama in the second life considered here: there is only one startlingly heroic episode in Father Meyers history. Unsparing devotion of mind, heart and energy to preaching the Good News made up the rest of his story-heroic constancy but not flashy. He was born in Iowa in 1891, was one of the early recruits to Maryknoll and was one of the pioneers who opened Maryknolls first mission in Kongmoon, Kwangtung. Only five years later, Pere Robert, MEP, possibly the shrewdest priest in all China, described Father Meryer as one of the most successful missionaries in China, and example to be given to all for his zeal, devotion and work. He was a thinker as well as a worker. Ideas poured from him. He tested them in talk, and if they stood the test he threw himself into the task of putting them into practice. Thus he became aware of the need for a handy Chinese-English dictionary. He and another Maryknoller compiled the dictionary, and then, characteristically, he had it printed attractively, and had it bound so firmly that forty years of constant thumbing had not damaged these cherished volumes. He founded the mission of Wuchow and became Prefect Apostolic there, and went on working, working, working.

His years of Heroism began in 1941. When Pearl Harbour came, he was in Hong Kong, a sick man, not subject to interment and seemingly destined for repatriation. He went voluntarily to the internment camp and stayed there till August 1945. His priestly work, his unbreakable spirit and his boundless practical ingenuity helped untold numbers of fellow internees to endure, and sometimes even to enjoy internment.

As the end of the war drew near, he began to think of the liberating troops. They would find no clubs, no restaurants. The brothels would open quickly, and the young men would have nowhere else to go. He laid his plans. When Liberation came he rushed from internment to the founding of the St. Nicholas Club, to which servicemen flocked in gay and cooperative hundreds.

After a few more years of work in China, his health forced his return to the USA, where he produced almost a dozen books and did all the work his health allowed, retaining always his zeal, his zest and his endless flow of ideas. He died on 8 May.
23 May 1975



美 籍 瑪 利 諾 男 修 會 會 士 馬 奕 猷 神 父 於 一 九 七 五 年 五 月 八 日 病 逝 紐 約 , 享 壽 八 十 四 歲 。

馬 奕 猷 神 父 早 年 來 華 傳 教 , 與 瑪 利 諾 會 其 他 會 士 創 立 了 江 門 傳 教 站 , 後 來 又 建 立 了 梧 州 傳 教 站 。

四 十 年 前 , 他 編 有 漢 英 袖 珍 詞 典 , 退 休 返 美 後 , 又 有 十 餘 種 著 作 行 世 。

第 二 次 世 界 大 戰 期 間 , 他 在 本 港 的 一 個 集 中 營 裡 自 動 負 起 牧 民 工 作 , 成 就 斐 然 , 影 響 極 大 , 同 營 不 少 人 都 受 到 了 他 的 感 染 , 鼓 起 了 生 存 的 勇 氣 。

香 港 重 光 後 , 他 再 次 前 往 中 國 大 陸 傳 教 , 多 年 後 才 退 休 返 美 。
1975 年 5 月 23 日

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