Rev. THALMAN, Eugene Andrew MM
賀道明神父 (沙尚文)


* Birth in Tessville, Illinois (伊利諾伊), USA: [22 October 1933]
* Ordination: [11 June 1960]
* Arrival in Hong Kong: [1960]
* Death in Hong Kong: [25 June 2005]

# Information according to Maryknoll Fathers and brothers in Hong Kong 1920-2010

Co-founder of Asian Centre for the Progress of Peoples dies at 72

Maryknoll father Eugene Thalman MM, co-founder of the Asian Centre for the Progress of Peoples (ACPP), passed away at St. Paul’s Hospital on Saturday, 25 June 2005. The only son of Andrew and Reginal Noesen Thalman, he was born on 22 October 1933 in Tessville, Illinois, the United States. He is survived by his sister, Marilyn.

After attending elememtary schools in Illinois, he entered Maryknoll, in Ossining, New York, in September 1947, was ordained 11 June 1960 and assigned to Formosa / Hong Kong region.

Father Thalman became proficient in Cantonese and served as parish priest, rector, regional coordinator and assistant regional while in Hong Kong between 1960-1994. He did, however, take time to further his studies in the United States in ministry and counselling at the University of Chicago in 1966-67; taking a course in justice and peace at Loyola University in Chicago in August 1967 and receiving a masters’ degree in economics from the University of Notre Dame in 1983.

Father Thalman became the Justice and Peace Coordinator in the region in 1977, a role that involved research, writing, education, administration, amnesty and small group work. He was instrumental in keeping the Centre for the Progress of People vibrant in Hong Kong and in 1979, founded the Asian Centre for the Progress of Peoples together with Cheung Ka-hing and Sister Helene O’Sullivan MM, becoming the chairperson of its board of directors.

Speaking to the Sunday Examiner on 29 June, Father Sean Burke MM, regional superior of the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers said, “He was very devoted to the cause of justice and peace,” and noted that, “he was the motivating force that kept it (ACPP) going for so many years,”

In February 1994, Father Thalman was assigned to the United States for development work, first in Minneapolis and then in Chicago. After three years, he was reassigned to Hong Kong where he remained active until his death.

In recent years, although not a staff member, Father Thalman continued to contribute to the ACPP’s work as a member of its board of directors and as a volunteer in their educational activities. In Seoul, he received the 2003 Tji Hak-soon Justice and Peace award on behalf of ACPP for contributions to justice and peace in Asia, and celebrated 25 Years of work with them in 2004. Based on his parish experiences, Father Thalman produced a series of “Social Concern Notes” - activities for social concern groups in parishes - for the ACPP website. His enthusiasm and determination had led to the recent publication of the series in both English and Chinese for learners and facilitator.

In all his years in Hong Kong, Father Thalman served in many capacities including chaplain to the Catholic students of the Baptist College and the national chaplain of the Hong Kong Catholic Scout Guild. “He was very dedicated to the scriptures…” said Father Burke, noting that Father Thalman wrote weekly homiles which were posted on the Website of the diocese. He said Father Thalman would like to be remembered as “a person who tried to serve as best he could in big and small ways.”

The staff at the ACPP in Homantin, said that Father Thalman had taken a keen interest in their everyday affairs right up to the end and that one of the things they would all miss is his humour, kindness and ever-ready stream of creative ideas.

His funeral Mass was celebrated at St. Teresa’s Church, Kowloon, on 4 July and he was buried at St. Raphael’s Catholic Cemetery, Cheung Sha Wan, on 5 July.
10 July 2005



逾 四 百 名 港 信 徒 七 月 四 日 晚 上 於 九 龍 聖 德 肋 撒 堂 , 追 悼 致 力 亞 洲 區 正 義 和 平 工 作 的 美 國 瑪 利 諾 會 賀 道 明 神 父 。

追 思 彌 撒 由 教 區 主 教 陳 日 君 主 持 , 瑪 利 諾 會 香 港 區 會 長 畢 尚 華 神 父 (Sean P. Burke) 聯 同 近 四 十 位 神 父 共 祭 。 彌 撒 前 , 多 位 參 禮 者 在 賀 神 父 靈 柩 及 遺 照 前 向 這 位 在 港 傳 教 四 十 多 年 的 牧 者 致 敬 。

瑪 利 諾 神 父 修 會 戴 能 皓 神 父 (Thomas E. Danaher) 分 別 以 粵 語 及 英 語 講 道 , 回 顧 賀 神 父 生 平 , 稱 許 賀 神 父 「為 人 慷 慨 、 積 極 , 亦 富 有 幽 默 感」 , 生 前 重 視 正 義 和 平 工 作 , 樂 於 參 與 其 中 。 戴 神 父 說 , 賀 神 父 於 一 九 七 九 年 , 聯 同 瑪 利 諾 修 女 溫 喜 蓮 (Helene O’Sullivan) 、 本 地 平 信 徒 張 家 興 創 立 「亞 洲 民 族 發 展 中 心」 (ACPP) , 並 擔 任 董 事 會 成 員 , 在 亞 洲 推 展 正 義 和 平 工 作 。  他 援 引 賀 神 父 遺 願 , 勉 勵 信 徒 向 貧 窮 者 傳 揚 基 督 福 音 。

賀 神 父 生 於 一 九 三 三 年 , 六 0 年 在 美 國 晉 鐸 , 同 年 奉 派 到 香 港 傳 教 , 至 九 四 年 返 回 美 國 , 協 助 修 會 傳 教 工 作 , 及 後 再 次 來 港 服 務 。 賀 神 父 曾 服 務 樂 富 聖 博 德 堂 等 堂 區 , 最 後 服 務 的 堂 區 為 長 洲 花 地 瑪 聖 母 堂 。

辭 靈 禮 上 , 陳 主 教 向 靈 柩 灑 上 聖 水 。 禮 成 後 , 眾 司 鐸 、 執 事 、 參 禮 者 到 賀 神 父 靈 柩 前 瞻 仰 遺 容 。

賀 神 父 於 二 0 0 五 年 六 月 廿 五 日 在 香 港 聖 保 祿 醫 院 安 息 主 懷 , 享 年 七 十 二 歲 。 殯 葬 禮 儀 於 七 月 五 日 在 長 沙 灣 天 主 教 墳 場 舉 行 , 後 隨 即 下 葬 。 樂 富 聖 博 德 堂 亦 於 七 月 八 日 為 賀 神 父 舉 行 追 思 彌 撒 。
2005年 7 月 10 日

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