* Birth in Puglia (普利亞), Italy (意大利): [27 February 1925]
* Ordination Aversa (
亞韋爾薩), Italy: [26 June 1949]
* Arrival in Hong Kong: [14 January 1951]
* Death in Lecco (
勒高鎮), Italy: [13 July 2012]

* Catholic Mission, Caine Road: [1951] - [1952]
Our Lady of Fatima Chapel, Cheung Chau: Rector [1953] - [1954]
Our Lady of Fatima Church, Cheung Chau: Rector [1955] - [1964]
Director of Sacred Heart School, Cheung Chau: [1954] - [1964]
St. Francis of Assisi Church, Shumshuipo: Rector [1965] - [1969]
Supervisor of St. Francis of Assisi English Primary School: [1965]
Ss. Cosmas & Damian Church, Tsun Wan: Rector [1970] - [1972]
On leave [1973]
Holy Redeem Church, Castle Peak: Assistant [1974]
PIME House: [1975]
Sacred Heart Church, Sai Kung: Rector [1976]
PIME House: Regional Superior [1981] - [1985]
Association of Major Religious Superiors of Men in HK: Executive Committee member [1981] - [1983]
Commission for Mutal Relations between the Hk Diocese and Religious: [1984]
PIME House: [1986]
Nativity of Our Lady Mass Centre, Junction Road: Parish Priets [1987] - [1989]
Leave from Hong Kong: [1990]

Farewell to beloved longtime Hong Kong missionary

On Friday, 13 July 2012, Father Nicola Ruggiero, of the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions (PIME), died at a clinic in Lecco, Italy. He was 87-years-old and was well-known in Hong Kong where he served as a missionary for 38 years. He was born the fourth of six children in Roseto Valfortore, in the southern Italian region of Puglia, on 27 February 1925. During his formative years, he was a student of Blessed Paolo Manna PIME, at the seminary of Ducenta, Caserta.

Father Ruggiero arrived in Hong Kong on 14 January 1951, at the young age of 25. After studying English and Cantonese, the latter a difficult a language that he mastered with admirable proficiency, he worked in different parishes. His first appointment, as assistant parish priest, was at the Precious Blood Church in Shamshuipo, which no longer exists. He then worked in the Island Deanery, which included Cheung Chau, Peng Chau and Lantau, for 12 years from 1952 to 1963.

He founded Our Lady of Fatima Church, now a parish, in Cheung Chau. He was parish priest of St Francis of Assisi Church, Shamshuipo, from 1964 to 1969. Then from 1969 he was the parish priest of Ss. Cosmas and Damian Parish in Tsuen Wan, then Sacred Heart Church in Sai Kung from 1975.

He also worked in education, supervising and expanding various Catholic schools in Cheung Chau, Sai Kung and Kowloon, like the Bishop Walsh School.

People appreciated Father Ruggiero’s approachability. He had many loyal friends and liked to be among the people. He also worked in other capacities - as member in Sai Kung Rural Committee, as an advisor to the Home Affairs Department of the Hong Kong government and as supervisor of the government-sponsored Recreational Group.

He was PIME regional superior from 1980 to 1985, which were difficult years when members of the community were deliberating on how to respond to the new challenges of mission. As superior, Father Ruggiero was inevitably caught up in animated and occasionally divisive discussions. However, everybody recognised that he always on good terms with everyone, never losing his sense of cordiality, proportion and good humour.

In 1989 Father Ruggiero accepted a new and challenging task. He moved to Toronto, Canada, where many Hong Kong people had emigrated, to assist the Chinese faithful there.

He worked first at the Blessed Chinese Martyrs Mission and then at the Blessed Agnes Tsao Kouying Mission. He started building a church to serve the needs of the Hong Kong Catholics in the Canadian metropolis. Through his hard work he created a lively and large community, attracting numerous Hong Kong emigrants to the faith.

Unfortunately his precious and much appreciated service was interrupted by an illness that forced him to retire and from 1998 he resided at the PIME home in Lecco.

On 10 June 1999 he celebrated his golden anniversary in the priesthood in his hometown with the bishop, many priests, friends and family members present.

Though his illness confined him to a wheelchair, he lived the last years of his life with serenity and in high spirits, exuding a sense of confidence and good humour.

Many in Hong Kong still remember Father Ruggiero with fondness and gratitude. Let’s pray for his soul.

A memorial Mass will be celebrated on Friday, 3 August 2012, 7.30pm, at Ss. Cosmas and Damian Church, Tseun Wan. All friends of Father Ruggiero are welcome to join.

Priests who wish to concelebrate, are requested to please bring their own vestment and violet stole.

22 July 2012



宗 座 外 方 傳 教 會 陸 之 樂 神 父 , 於 二 一 二 年 七 月 十 三 日 在 意 大 利 安 息 主 懷 , 享 年 八 十 七 歲 。 他 曾 服 務 香 港 教 會 卅 八 年 , 並 在 加 拿 大 牧 養 港 人 移 民 。

陸 之 樂 神 父 一 九 二 五 年 二 月 廿 七 日 生 於 意 大 利 佩 魯 賈 , 六 兄 弟 姊 妹 中 排 行 第 四 。 他 在 宗 座 外 方 傳 教 會 的 修 院 接 受 培 育 。

陸 神 父 一 九 五 一 年 、 廿 五 歲 時 來 港 服 務 , 學 習 廣 東 話 及 英 文 後 , 他 首 先 獲 派 到 深 水 埗 的 寶 血 堂 (其 後 併 入 聖 方 濟 各 堂) 擔 任 助 理 司 鐸 , 五 二 至 六 三 年 服 務 長 洲 、 坪 洲 及 大 嶼 山 的 聖 堂 , 期 間 建 立 了 長 洲 花 地 瑪 聖 母 堂 。

他 一 九 六 四 至 六 九 年 服 務 深 水 埗 聖 方 濟 各 堂 , 六 九 年 起 轉 往 荃 灣 葛 達 二 聖 堂 , 七 五 年 再 服 務 西 貢 聖 心 堂 。 他 亦 為 長 洲 、 西 貢 和 九 龍 區 的 公 教 學 校 擔 任 校 監 。

陸 神 父 個 性 平 易 近 人 , 深 受 教 徒 歡 迎 。 他 曾 擔 任 好 些 公 職 , 包 括 西 貢 鄉 事 委 員 會 成 員 、 民 政 事 務 總 署 顧 問 , 以 及 為 一 個 受 政 府 資 助 的 康 樂 團 體 出 任 監 督 。

陸 神 父 一 九 八 0 至 八 五 年 擔 任 宗 座 外 方 傳 教 會 香 港 區 會 長 , 與 傳 教 士 共 同 面 對 當 時 社 會 的 新 挑 戰 。 他 能 夠 平 衡 不 同 意 見 、 富 幽 默 感 , 並 真 誠 對 待 每 位 朋 友 。

一 九 八 九 年 , 陸 之 樂 神 父 獲 派 遣 到 加 拿 大 多 倫 多 牧 養 當 地 的 華 人 教 徒 移 民 。 他 先 後 服 務 中 華 殉 道 真 福 堂 及 聖 曹 桂 英 堂 , 並 為 移 民 到 加 國 的 港 人 籌 建 牧 養 設 施 。

陸 神 父 後 因 健 康 問 題 退 休 , 一 九 九 八 年 入 住 宗 座 外 方 傳 教 會 位 於 意 大 利 萊 科 (Lecco) 的 護 老 院 , 晚 年 需 要 用 輪 椅 代 步 。 九 九 年 , 他 在 家 鄉 佩 魯 賈 與 當 地 主 教 、 神 父 及 友 好 慶 祝 晉 鐸 金 禧 。

宗 座 外 方 傳 教 會 將 於 八 月 三 日 (週 五) 晚 上 七 時 半 假 荃 灣 的 葛 達 二 聖 堂 為 陸 神 父 舉 行 追 思 彌 撒 , 並 邀 請 教 徒 為 他 的 靈 魂 祈 禱 。

2012 年 7 月 22 日

先賢錄--香港天主教神職及男女修會會士 (1841-2016), 天主教香港教區檔案處, 2016.