Sr. SKEHAN, Rose Olive MM


* 1931 年入會
* 1934 年 抵港
* 1972
11 10 日在美國逝世

Sister Rose Olive Skehan M.M.

News had been received of the death of Sister Rose Olive Skehan, M.M., on 10 November 1972. Sister entered Maryknoll in 1931 and in 1934 was assigned to Hong Kong, where she taught until she was interned at Stanley in 1941. She was repatriated in 1942 and assigned to Hawaii in the following year. In 1950 she returned to Hong Kong to teach music, in particular the piano, and in 1959 she obtained her Licentiate from the Royal Schools of Music. She returned to the United States in 1966 for medical reasons. For the past several months Sister had been working with a team of religious educators in Butte, Montana. The last class she taught before her massive heart attack was on the meaning of death.

A memorial Mass will be offered at St. Joseph’s Church, Monday, 18 December at 6:30p.m. All friends and former students of Sisters are welcome.
 8 December 1972



瑪 利 諾 會 修 女 Rose Olive Skehan , 於 一 九 七 二 年 十 一 月 十 日 因 心 臟 病 在 美 國 逝 世 。 該 修 女 曾 在 香 港 服 務 , 一 九 六 六 年 因 病 返 美 休 養 並 繼 續 主 持 教 育 工 作 , 直 至 上 月 蒙 主 寵 召 。

特 為 亡 者 彌 撒 將 在 本 月 十 八 日 (星 期 一) 下 午 六 時 正 , 假 花 園 道 聖 若 瑟 堂 舉 行 , 歡 迎 各 方 友 好 同 為 亡 者 祈 禱 。
1972 年 12 月 15 日

先賢錄--香港天主教神職及男女修會會士 (1841-2010), 天主教香港教區檔案處, 2010.