Rev. FEROLDI, Alfredo PIME
衞 勞神父

* Birth in Castelletto di Leno, Brescia (布雷西亞), Italy (意大利): [5 March 1906]
* Enter Novitiate: [28 September 1922]
* Ordination: [25 May 1929]
* Departure from Italy to Hong Kong: [12 September 1929]
* Death in Rome (
羅馬), Italy: [23 July 1962]

* Catholic Mission: [1930]
* Tam Tong (淡塘), Huiyang (惠陽): [1931]
* Ping Shan (平山), Huiyang: [1932] - [1933]
* Rector of the Seminary, Caine Road: [1934] - [1941]
* Vicar General & Procurator of the Mission: [1948] - [1949]
* Returned to PIME Mother House, Rome: [1949]

# Information according to PIME Webpage

Fr. A. Feroldi, P.I.M.E.

Rev. A. Feroldi, P.I.M.E., died in Rome on 23 July 1962. He was for many years a missionary in Hong Kong and at one time served as acting Director of the Catholic Center. He was for the past five years a member of the Council General of the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions. In recent years Fr. Feroldi suffered much from a lung complaint.
27 July 1962



蘭 外 方 傳 教 會 會 士 衛 勞 神 父 於 一 九 六 二 年 月 廿 三 日 晨 病 逝 羅 馬 。 衛 神 父 曾 在 香 港 傳 教 , 並 任 本 港 公 教 進 行 社 代 理 主 任 六 月 , 十 年 前 因 體 弱 返 義 大 利 , 供 職 羅 馬 該 會 總 部 。
1962 年 7 月 27 日

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