Rev. GRAMPA, Angelo PIME

* Birth in Busto Arsizio, Milan (米蘭), Italy (意大利): [15 September 1882]
* Enter Novitiate: [30 August 1905]
* Ordination: [18 April 1908]
* Departure from Italy to Hong Kong: [16 October 1909]
* Death in Hong Kong: [4 February 1957]

* Roman Catholic Cathedral: Assistant [1909] - [1913]
* St. Lewis Industrial School, West Point: Vice Director [1914]
* Sai Kung: [1915] - [1916]
* Director of Huiyang
(惠陽), West District - Wong Ka Tong (黃家塘): [1916] - [1930]
* Chaplain of La Salle College, Kowloon Tong: [1932] - [1936]
* Chaplain of the Italian Convent & in charge of the Catholic Cemeteries: [1937] - [1941]
* In Charge of the Cemeteries: [1948] - [1949]
* Canossian Convent, Caine Road: Chaplain [1950] - [1953]
* Cathedral: [1954] - [1957]

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Father Angelo Grampa laid to rest great and able Missionary passes away

Solemn Requiem Mass was celebrated last Wednesday at St. Margarets Church, Happy Valley for the repose of the soul of Father Angelo Grampa, PIME, a missionary in the Diocese of Hong Kong for the past forty-eight years. His Lordship Bishop Lawrence Bianchi presided at the Mass, which was celebrated by Monsignor Anthony Riganti, Vicar-General and Regional-Superior of the Pontifical Foreign Mission Institute.

Priests and Religious from all parishes and Institutions in Hong Kong joined hundreds of lay people at the funeral procession to St. Michael
s Cemetery following the Mass. His Lordship Bishop Bianchi gave the Absolution at the graveside.

Father Grampa, who died last Monday at St. Francis Hospital, Wanchai, was born on 15 September 1882 at Busto Arsizio in the Province of Varese in Italy and received his education at the Seminary of the Diocese of Milan. He joined the Pontifical Foreign Mission Institute on 30 August 1905 and was ordained priest on 18 April 1908. He came to Hong Kong on 7 November 1909 and after completing his language studies he was placed in charge of St. Louis Orphanage - on the site of the present St. Louis School in West Point. He also directed the Printing Press connected with the Orphange.

Waichow Rector
Later he became Rector of Waichow District, one of the largest mainland districts of the Hong Kong Diocese where as Rural Dean he had under him a number of priests in various communities.

A priest of great generosity and abilities, he spent himself in the development of the Church in that district. He began the erection of the St. Joseph
s Hospital in Waichow City where the Canossian Sisters of Charity took charge for many years, and also had a new residence built in Waichow. When the erection of the Regional Seminary, at Aberdeen was planned, the late Bishop Henry Valtora appointed Father Grampa in 1931 as Supervisor for this important work. Later Father Grampa also directed the erection of St. Teresas Church in Kowloon. At the same time he was appointed Superintendent of the Catholic Cemeteries in Hong Kong and Kowloon and was also the first resident Chaplain of La Salle College. In his later years he served as chaplain to the Canossian Sisters Sacred Heart Convent.

Gifted Musician
Exceedingly fond of music, of which he had acquired remarkable knowledge and experience, Father Grampa contributed largely to the establishment and training of Choirs in Parish Churches. His services as singer, choirmaster and conductor were always most appreciated by all. It was for him, lately, a great sacrifice to give up his musical activities in various Churches owing to his failing health.

Under exterior appearances, that might have seemed rather uncouth to those who did not know him well, he concealed a most generous and friendly heart, always ready to assist persons in need and to bestow favours on all those who but expressed to him their desires. Such kindly disposition, joined to a keen sense of humour and joviality, gained him the affection and gratitude of his colleagues and the esteem of his many friends.

His confreres will always remember the example of fortitude and resignation he gave them while enduring in patience the severe sufferings of his last illness, that put an end to his missionary activities and brought him to the grave.

Father Grampa
s death is a considerable loss to the Diocese of Hong Kong. With the exception of two short visits to Europe, he spent all his nearly fifty years as a priest in this Diocese, under three Bishops. He was for many years a Diocesan Consultor and took much active part in the development of the Church here.
8 February 1957


甘 沛 霖 神 父 為 米 蘭 外 方 傳 教 會 會 士 , 在 香 港 天 主 教 教 區 服 務 達 四 十 八 年 之 久 。 於 一 九 五 七 年 二 月 四 日 下 午 二 時 許 , 病 逝 於 灣 仔 聖 方 濟 各 醫 院 , 享 壽 七 十 四 歲 。

甘 神 父 生 於 一 八 八 二 年 九 月 十 五 日 , 意 國 華 勒 賽 省 步 斯 多 人 士 。 青 年 時 曾 受 教 育 於 米 蘭 教 區 之 修 院 內 。 一 九 0 五 年 八 月 三 十 日 進 米 蘭 外 方 傳 教 會 。 一 九 0 八 年 四 月 十 八 日 晉 陞 鐸 品 。 翌 年 十 一 月 七 日 抵 港 , 學 習 華 語 後 , 即 被 委 任 管 理 聖 類 斯 孤 兒 院 , 即 現 在 之 西 營 盤 聖 類 斯 學 校 。 同 時 主 持 附 設 於 孤 兒 院 之 印 刷 所 事 務 。 閱 數 年 , 升 任 為 惠 州 堂 區 主 任 , 兼 管 轄 附 近 之 不 少 堂 區 。

甘 神 父 天 資 穎 悟 , 秉 性 慷 慨 慈 祥 , 對 該 區 教 務 之 發 展 , 建 樹 極 多 , 貢 獻 頗 大 。 惠 州 城 內 之 聖 若 瑟 醫 院 , 惠 州 堂 之 神 父 住 所 , 皆 由 其 擘 劃 、 建 築 、 成 立 。 一 九 三 一 年 計 劃 在 香 港 仔 建 造 華 南 總 修 院 , 恩 主 教 即 委 任 甘 神 父 為 總 監 工 。 後 建 造 九 龍 聖 德 肋 撒 堂 時 , 亦 由 神 父 督 理 。 同 時 , 香 港 及 九 龍 之 天 主 教 墳 揚 , 由 神 父 設 計 完 成 。

此 外 , 甘 神 父 具 有 音 樂 天 才 , 九 龍 玫 瑰 堂 以 及 花 園 道 聖 若 瑟 堂 之 歌 詠 班 , 每 逢 主 日 必 由 神 父 親 臨 指 導 。 總 之 神 父 之 死 , 實 香 港 教 區 重 大 之 損 失 。 由 於 神 父 善 良 為 懷 , 且 態 度 大 方 , 頗 為 教 區 內 神 職 人 員 與 信 徒 所 愛 戴 。 來 華 後 除 極 短 時 間 之 渡 假 外 , 歷 事 三 任 主 教 , 為 中 華 聖 教 服 務 幾 至 五 十 年 之 久 。 任 教 區 顧 問 , 歷 有 年 所 , 關 於 發 展 香 港 公 教 事 業 提 供 活 動 極 多 。

本 月 六 日 上 午 九 時 , 在 跑 馬 地 聖 瑪 加 利 大 堂 舉 行 大 禮 安 所 彌 撒 , 隨 即 出 殯 安 葬 於 跑 馬 地 天 主 教 墳 場 。
1957 年 2 月 8 日

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