Bro. KNOLL, Anthony FSC


* Birth in Toronto (多倫多), Canada (加拿大): [28 October 1916]
* Enter Novitiate in Canada: [September 1935]
* Take Vows in Malaysia (馬來西亞): [September 1939]
* Service in Hong Kong: [1956-1981]

* Death in Hong Kong: [28 July 1981]

# Information according to FSC

Death of Brother Anthony Knoll, F.S.C.

On Tuesday morning, 28 July 1981. Brother Anthony left the Oratory in La Salle College evidently feeling unwell. Shortly afterwards another member of his community, feeling concerned about him went to his room and found him dead in his bed. Thus suddenly came to a close the life of one beloved both by his confreres and by his pupils. He died at the age of 64.

Brother Anthony came from Canada to the mission-fields in 1938. His first appointment as a teacher was to St. Joseph
s College in Singapore. Here he became a very able teacher, very thorough in method and very devoted to his pupils, who liked his kindly ways.

Came the Second World War. The Japanese invaded Malaya and advancing southward very soon besieged Singapore. The city fell and Brother Anthony, while sleeping in a corridor, contracted a severe cold. In that condition he was taken away by the enemy for internment in Chanji Gaol on the island. There with a few more Brothers he undertook the task of teaching the imprisoned children as well as attending to the sick. After the capitulation of the Japanese Brother Anthony was repatriated to Canada to recuperate. Then he returned to Singapore and resumed his professional duties this time in St. Anthony
s School close to his former school. Not long after that he was appointed Director of St. Josephs Community and school.

During his term of office he endeared himself to all, both staff and community, by his refined and kindly ways. His was never the harsh word to utter. From this community he was transferred to St. Xavier
s College in Penang as Director. Here his health began to deteriorate rapidly. Though suffering much he bore his infirmities with heroic, Christian fortitude, never losing his equanimity.

Once more he was advised to take a holiday home with the hope of a restoration of health but this was not to be. He returned to the Far East as a member of the La Salle Community in Kowloon. Here he laboured assiduously in the classroom until his retirement in 1977.

It has been said of him that he always preferred to teach the backward or retarded pupils and in this he was very successful. After his retirement he assumed the office of School Librarian which office he held until the morning when Divine Providence chose to call him to his eternal reward.

7 August 1981


九 龍 喇 沙 書 院 安 東 尼 修 士 於 一 九 八 一 年 七 月 廿 八 日 病 逝 其 臥 室 中 , 享 年 六 十 四 歲 。

基 督 學 校 修 士 會 於 七 月 三 十 日 為 安 東 尼 修 士 舉 行 殯 葬 禮 , 在 聖 德 肋 撒 堂 舉 行 殯 葬 彌 撒 。

安 東 尼 修 士 加 拿 大 人 , 一 九 三 八 年 加 入 基 督 學 校 修 士 會 。 之 後 被 派 到 新 加 坡 聖 若 瑟 書 院 教 學 , 是 一 位 非 常 慈 祥 、 忠 誠 的 老 師 , 極 受 學 生 的 歡 迎 與 敬 愛 。 第 二 次 大 戰 期 間 , 日 軍 佔 領 新 加 坡 , 他 被 捕 入 獄 , 受 苦 很 多 。 勝 利 後 安 東 尼 修 士 曾 回 加 拿 大 , 後 又 奉 命 回 新 加 坡 在 聖 安 多 尼 學 校 任 職 , 不 久 任 聖 若 瑟 會 會 長 及 學 校 的 校 長 。 之 後 調 任 檳 榔 聖 方 濟 書 院 院 長 。 這 時 他 的 健 康 開 始 走 下 坡 , 但 他 仍 溫 良 地 忠 誠 地 處 理 一 切 事 務 。 但 因 健 康 欠 佳 , 終 於 休 息 了 一 段 時 期 , 再 到 香 港 , 在 九 龍 喇 沙 書 院 服 務 , 直 到 一 九 七 七 年 退 休 。
1981 年 8 月 7 日

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