Rev. STAUBLI, Albert MM


* Birth in Niederhelfens, Switzerland (瑞士): [18 June 1895]
* Arrival in Hong Kong: [1923]
* Death in Taiwan (台灣): [23 October 1967]

# Information according to Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers in Hong Kong 1920-2010

Death of Brother Albert Staubli, M.M.

Brother Albert Staubli, Maryknoll Missioner, died at the Tien Chung Mission, Taichung Diocese, on 23 October 1967.

After a high Mass of Requiem celebrated by Bishop William F. Kupfer he was buried in the Catholic Cemetery at Lotsu on 25 October.

Brother Albert Staubli was born on 15 June 1895 in St. Gallen, Switzerland. He was the ninth child in a family of thirteen children. As a young man, he went to the United States and joined the Catholic Foreign Mission Society of America, known as Maryknoll. In 1921 he went to South China to begin his missionary career in the Diocese of Kongmoon, Kwangtung. He later worked in the St. Louis School in Hong Kong, returning to Kongmoon in 1947.

As an architect and builder he has left his mark wherever he lived. Thus Maryknoll House, Stanley, and Maryknoll Convent, Kowloon, are monuments to his memory in Hong Kong. Moreover, his advice was eagerly sought by almost every missionary builder who could get in touch with him.

In 1950 he was arrested by the Communists, put on public trial, and released at Pakkai three months later. In May of 1951 he suffered another public trial. When the Pakkai compound was confiscated in July of 1951, he was sent to Kongmoon City where he lived in a church under constant guard. Upon being expelled he arrived in Hong Kong in August of 1951, where he continued to work in a school building project.

Brother Albert came to Taiwan in 1954. As an architect, he was responsible for building many of the churches and institutions in the Taichung Diocese.

Brother Albert has left behind many monuments to his skill as an architect. His churches betrayed his deep spirituality and were inspired by a devotion to raise up tabernacles that would lift up men’s minds to the God whom they came to worship. His most enduring monument will be the inspiration he has left in the hearts of all who knew him to follow his example to give completely of himself for the Glory of God.

3 November 1967

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