Rev. BIOTTEAU, Alphonse-Marie MEP
李 神 父

* Birth in Geste (熱斯泰), M-et-L, France (法國): [3 October 1883]
* Ordination: [4 April 1908]
* Arrival in Hong Kong: [1925]
* Death in Hong Kong: [14 February 1972]

Death of Father Marie Biotteau, M.E.P.

Father Alphonse - Marie Biotteau, of the Foreign Mission Society of Paris, died after a long illness, on 14 February 1972 at St. Pauls Hospital, Hong Kong, aged 88.

Father Biotteau was born in 1883 at Geste, in the Diocese of Angers, France. Having completed his studies of Theology, he entered the Seminary of the Foreign Mission of Paris in 1907 and was ordained priest in 1908. From 1909 to 1914, he was Vice-Procurator in Shanghai. In August 1914 he was conscripted and had to return to France. After the war, from 1919 to 1925, he was the Procurator of the Society in London. In 1925, he became Procurator General in Hong Kong. He was Superior of Nazareth, Pokfulam, Hong Kong from 1940 till the closing down of that house in 1959, after which, he retired to Bethany.

Father Biotteau was an outstanding priest, profoundly religious and ever fulfilling to the best of his ability the duties which were entrusted to him. During many years, all his leisure moments were spent in the preparation and the preaching of spiritual retreats in Religious Congregations of Hong Kong. His lectures were greatly appreciated. His last years were spent in praying for the Church and the Missions.

His obsequies were celebrated at Bethany on 16 February and he was buried in the Bethany cemetery, in which lie already many MEP Missionaries.
25 February 1972

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