* Birth in Summerville (薩默維爾), U.S.A. (美國): [1918]
* Ordination: [1944]
* Arrival in Hong Kong: [1975]
* Death in Hong Kong: [25 July 1988]

# Information according to OFM Webpage

Death of Father Beda Dauphinee, O.F.M.

Father Beda Dauphinee, OFM, died after a short but serious illness on Monday, 25 July 1988, in St. Teresa Hospital.

Father Beda was born in Summerville, Mass., U.S.A. He entered the Franciscan Order in 1938 and was ordained priest in 1944. After spending years as secretary in the General House of the Order in Rome he came to Hong Kong in 1975 to be Assistant at the Franciscan Fathers
General Procuration in Kowloon.

He was not widely known in Hong Kong, for his work involved very little contract with the public; but his friendship was treasured by all who come to know him. They will long remember his kindness and especially his helpfulness offered to missionaries passing through Hong Kong.

The Mass of the Resurrection was celebrated for him in Christ the King Chapel, St. Paul
s Hospital, on Thursday, 28 July.
5 August 1988

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