Bro. CURRAN, Cronan FSC
壟 禮修士 (哥路南)


* Birth in Tipperary (蒂珀雷里郡), Ireland (愛爾蘭): [15 January 1915]
* Enter Novitiate in Ireland: [1932]
* Arrival in Hong Kong: [February 1934]
* Take Vows: [1940]
* Service in Hong Kong: [1934-1937], [1947-1957], [1969-1980]

* Death in Hong Kong: [3 November 1980]

# Information according to FSC


Brother Cronan Curran, F.S.C.

Brother Cronan Curran, F.S.C., of St. Joseph’s College, died on Monday, 3 November 1980.
7 November 1980


Brother Cronan Curran, F.S.C.

On Monday, 3 November 1980, Brother Cronan succumbed to a sudden heart-attack and died peacefully in St. Pauls Hospital, fortified with the rites of the Church.

He was born in Tipperary, Ireland, and joined the Brothers of the Christian Schools at an early age. In 1932, he volunteered for the missions of the Far East and spent 48 years of active life in Malaya and Hong Kong. His unwavering dedication to the training of youth for nearly a half-century will not be forgotten. He leaves a shining example of virtue and devotion to duty, a stalwart of the
Old Guard long connected with St. Joseph's College and Hong Kong.

His first appearance in St. Joseph
s was pre-war in 1934. He returned again after the Japanese Occupation. His many friends and past pupils will remember him with affection as a tireless worker of great organising ability, and an inspiring educator of youth.

After the War he did much for Scouting in St. Joseph
s and in the Colony. In 1951, he was appointed by the Governor as the first Scout Commissioner of Victoria. He was also one of the pioneers that set up the Hong Kong Schools Sports Association after the War and was for many years Chairman of the Hong Kong Schools Football Competitions.

It is his cheerfulness and sincerity that his past pupils recall - the simple, human, endearing qualities which make a man loved by others, make him able to do good and spread happiness.
21 November 1980

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