Bro. HUSARIK, Casimir FSC
嘉錫美修士 (加西米)


Photo: FSC

* Birth in Czechoslovakia (捷克斯洛伐克): [21 July 1914]
* Enter Novitiate in Belgium (
比利時): [7 October 1931]
* Take Vows in Hong Kong: [26 August 1939]
* Service in Hong Kong: [1933-1977]
* Death in Hong Kong: [10 May 1977]

# Information according to FSC

Death of Veteran Educator
Rev. Brother Casimir Husarik

Brother Casimir died suddenly from a hart attack, Tuesday, 10 May 1977. He had long been linked with La Salle College, having arrived in Hong Kong 44 years ago, a year after the opening of the College. He served the staff as teacher, sports-master and director. At the time of his death, he was Deputy Headmaster. Nearly all the graduates of La Salle in its 45 years history came under his benign influence.

He was born in Czechoslovakia, gifted with a marked aptitude for languages. He did his early studies in Lembecq, Belgium, and Dover, England, and obtained an Honours Degree (French) from the University of London.

Brother Casimir contributed much to the prestige of the College as a teacher of merit and a wise administrator. His outstanding characteristics were his enthusiasm and versatility, his energy and perseverance in the various types of work he was asked to do: teaching, sports administration, Old Boys Association, School magazine, Legion of Mary, and he was a powerful instrument for moulding the character of thousands of young men of La Salle College who came under his influence. The old boys will remember him for his cheery disposition and capacity for hard work: the real secret of his success and popularity was his genuine unfailing kindness.
20 May 1977

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