Rev. URBAN, Devescovi OFM

* Birth in Rovigno (羅維高), Italy (意大利): [25 May 1883]
* Arrival in China: [30 November 1931]
* Death in Hong Kong: [17 February 1964]

# Information according to "Necrologium Fratrum Minorum in Sinis"

Father Urban Devescovi, O.F.M.

Father Urban Devescovi, O.F.M., one of the most learned and best loved priests in South East Asia, died in Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kowloon, on Monday, 17 Febraury 1964, after a very brief illness, aged 81.

On the day preceding his death he had given two ‘conferences’ (lectures on spiritual matters).

Father Urban was born in 1883 in northern Italy. He became a Franciscan in 1898 and was for many years a professor in St. Anthony’s College, Rome, the Roman headquarters of Franciscan erudition.

In 1931 he came to China and taught Sacred Scripture in the Hankow Seminary till 1949 when the Communist advance made it imperative for him to leave for Macao. In Macao he taught in both St. Bonaventure’s Seminary and the Macao Diocesan Seminary till 1962, when increasingly serious eye trouble forced him to give up teaching.

For the last two years of his life he was engaged in literary work in the Studium Biblicum, Kennedy Road, Hong Kong.

This bare outline of his life gives but a faint idea of his vast learning and no idea at all of the charm and the learned eloquence that made him a spiritual power in Hong Kong and Macao. By the time of his arrival in these regions, he seemed to have pondered every page of Sacred Scripture. His vast learning was of more than scientific value: his retreats and spiritual lectures derived much of their power from deep scriptural foundation. At the end of a recent retreat made by some priests under his direction, one of the retreatants, himself a man of learning, burst into Father Urban’s room and, addressing him in Latin, said solemnly “Father! Could not have spoken better than you did!”

His end was the end he would have wished: full work - very full work for a man over 80 - till almost the last moment, then sudden illness and the last sacraments; then a quick journey to hospital, obviating the worry and trouble that death at home would have given to his fellow friars; then death.
21 February 1964



方 濟 各 會 思 高 聖 經 學 會 吳 照 祿 神 父 於 一 九 六 四 年 二 月 十 七 日 晨 五 時 突 患 急 症 , 妥 領 臨 終 聖 事 後 , 安 逝 主 內 , 享 年 八 十 有 二 。

吳 神 父 聖 名 吳 爾 班 , 義 國 人 , 一 九 三 一 年 來 華 傳 教 迄 今 。 先 後 曾 在 羅 馬 、 漢 口 、 澳 門 修 道 院 教 授 聖 經 凡 五 十 年 , 著 有 解 經 書 籍 多 種 。 近 年 除 參 加 思 高 聖 經 學 會 編 輯 工 作 外 , 時 為 神 職 人 員 主 持 退 省 , 以 學 識 淵 博 , 聖 德 高 超 而 見 重 於 人 。

逝 世 前 日 , 神 父 照 常 工 作 , 並 為 九 龍 嘉 諾 撒 會 修 女 講 道 二 次 。

二 月 十 八 日 下 午 四 時 半 , 方 濟 各 會 假 聖 瑪 加 利 大 堂 為 吳 神 父 舉 行 追 思 彌 撒 , 遺 體 安 葬 於 跑 馬 地 天 主 教 墳 場 。
1964 年 2 月 21 日

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