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* Birth in St. Paul, Minnesota (明尼蘇達), U.S.A.: [30 January 1909]
* Ordination in U.S.A.: [22 June 1941]
* Arrival in Hong Kong: [August 1958]
* Death in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A.: [23 June 1975]

# Information according to Maryknoll Fathers and brothers in Hong Kong 1920-2010



Father Edward L. Krumpelmann, M.M., Chaplain to Servicemens Guides, died in the U.S.A. on 23 June 1975, Requiem Mass will be held in St. Josephs Church, Garden Road, on 3 July, 5pm. All friends are welcome to attend.
27 June 1975


Father Edward Leo Krumpelmann, M.M.

Word had been received from New York that Father Edward Krumpelmann, Maryknoll Missioner, died in Minneapolis while home on furlough, aged 67. Since 1966 Father Krumpelmann had been the Catholic Chaplain and Executive Secretary of the Servicemens Guide. Prior to that he did missionary work in the Kwun Tong area.

His first assignment in Maryknoll, after his ordination in 1941, was to the Maryknoll Mission in Kongmoon. In 1947 he returned to the USA to teach at the seminary high school in Mt. View, California. He returned to Hong Kong in 1958. He is survived by a brother and sister.

His work in Servicemen
s Guide, which occupied the last nine years of his life, demanded a limitless store of energy, buoyancy and determination. The shop fronts of Wanchai gave daily witness that the work was necessary, yet it was work offering few moments of priestly comfort. Father krumpelmann, always cheerful and always at the service of Servicemen, met the challenge of his work - ever eager not to be served but to serve.

A Requiem Mass was celebrated on Thursday, 3 July, 5pm, in St. Joseph
s Church, Garden Road, Hong Kong.
4 July 1975



瑪 利 諾 會 萬 金 培 神 父 於 一 九 七 五 年 六 月 廿 三 日 在 美 國 病 逝 , 享 年 六 十 七 歲 。 七 月 三 日 下 午 五 時 , 在 花 園 道 聖 若 瑟 堂 將 特 別 為 萬 神 父 舉 行 追 思 彌 撒 。

萬 神 父 於 一 九 四 一 年 在 美 國 晉 鐸 , 一 九 四 一 年 開 始 在 江 門 傳 教 , 戰 後 返 回 美 國 。 一 九 五 八 年 來 港 , 在 官 塘 區 擔 任 傳 教 工 作 , 一 九 六 六 年 開 始 , 成 為 本 港 天 主 教 美 國 水 兵 的 神 師 。 今 年 四 月 因 病 返 美 就 醫 , 本 週 一 病 逝 , 仰 各 信 友 為 亡 者 祈 禱 。
1975 年 6 月 27 日

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