Rev. BECKA, Frederick John MM
貝 嘉神父

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* Birth in Cleveland, Ohio (俄亥俄州), U.S.A. (美國): [6 January 1919]
* Ordination: [9 June 1946]
* Arrival in China: [1946]
* Arrival in Hong Kong: [1963]
* Death in Hong Kong: [27 March 1974]

# Information according to Maryknoll Fathers and brothers in Hong Kong 1920-2010

Death of Frederick J. Becka, M.M.

Father Frederick John Becka, Maryknoll Missioner in Hong Kong, died on 27 March 1974 at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kowloon, aged fifty-five.

Father Becka was born in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, on 6 January 1919, entered the Maryknoll Fathers in 1935, and was ordained a priest on 9 June 1946.

He left for the missions of South China in December 1946, and was posted to the Wuchow Diocese, where he remained until he was forced to leave for Hong Kong in January 1952.

Upon return to the United States on furlough, he was assigned to promotional work, first at Maryknoll
s headquarters in New York, later in Chicago. In 1956 he was appointed pastor of the Chinese mission in Chicago. He returned to the Orient in 1963, and served as Director of the Maryknoll Fathers House at Stanley, Hong Kong. Two years later he joined other Maryknoll Fathers at Ngau Tau Kok, Kowloon.

In 1967, Father Becka was appointed assistant pastor of St. Anne
s Catholic Church in Stanley, a position he occupied until his death. He threw himself into pastoral work with energeticglee. His parish priest and the parishioners knew that he both liked and loved them and that he found delight in working with them and for them.

He also served on the Board of Management and as chaplain of the Stanley Sea School.

Mass of the Resurrection was concelebrated at St. Anne
s on 29 March, partly in English, partly in Chinese, by Bishop Peter Lei, and a large number of priests - Maryknollers, priests of the diocese and priests of various congregation.

Father John Liu, P.P., and Father Stephen Edmonds, M.M., gave the homilies.

The packed church, the tears of many mourners and the unconcealable emotion of his parish priest were spontaneous tributes to a priest whose priestliness reinforced the friendliness and humanity that were already his by nature.

5 April 1974


美 國 天 主 教 瑪 利 諾 傳 教 會 會 士 貝 嘉 神 父 , 於 一 九 七 四 年 三 月 廿 七 日 病 逝 於 依 利 沙 伯 醫 院 , 享 年 五 十 五 歲 。

貝 嘉 神 父 生 於 美 國 俄 亥 俄 州 , 一 九 四 六 年 六 月 晉 陞 神 父 , 同 年 十 二 月 來 華 , 在 梧 州 教 區 服 務 , 直 至 一 九 五 二 年 一 月 被 中 共 驅 逐 出 境 。

返 美 以 後 , 先 後 在 紐 約 瑪 利 諾 會 和 芝 加 哥 唐 人 街 堂 區 工 作 。 一 九 六 三 年 重 來 香 港 , 任 赤 柱 瑪 利 諾 會 院 院 長 , 兩 年 後 , 調 任 牛 頭 角 工 作 。

一 九 六 七 年 , 貝 嘉 神 父 奉 委 赤 柱 聖 亞 納 堂 助 理 堂 區 司 鐸 以 迄 於 今 。 其 間 , 他 曾 在 赤 柱 航 海 學 校 兼 任 指 導 司 鐸 。

追 思 彌 撒 於 上 星 期 五 上 午 十 時 在 赤 柱 聖 亞 納 堂 舉 行 , 遺 體 隨 於 十 一 時 三 十 分 下 葬 跑 馬 地 天 主 教 墳 場 。
1974 年 4 月 5 日

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