Rev. GERMAIN, Georges SJ


* Birth in Rouen (魯昂), France (法國): [30 October 1895]
* Enter Novitiate: [10
October 1919]
* Ordination in Shanghai (上海), China: [19 May 1929]
* Death in Hong Kong: [18 June 1978]

# Information according to Pictorial memories of the Jesuits in Hong Kong 1926 to 2016


Death of Father Germain

Father Georges Germain, one of the most widely admired Jesuits in East Asia in the past half-century, died at St. Teresa’s Hospital, Kowloon, on Sunday, 18 June 1978, aged 82.

Father Germain was born in Rouen on 30 October 1895. He entered a Jesuit novitiate in 1919, and was ordained priest in Shanghai 1929.

As a young priest, he became Professor of the History of Diplomatic Relations in Aurora University, Shanghai, and he was Rector of the University for many years. He developed in particular the medical school; but he was more than a skilled administrator. His high courtesy, his deep understanding of men and affairs and his humourous outlook on life combined to make him an outstanding personality attracting both admiration and affection, within the university and in the world at large.

Having relinquished the rectorship of the university, Father Germain was made procurator of the Jesuit mission in Shanghai. He is said to have had little taste for arithmetic: somebody else added up the bills. Father Germain’s interest lay in making funds available for any scheme, large or small, that gave promise of promoting the greater glory of God.

Then the Communist regime was established in China, propagandists focused on Father Germain as an arch-counter-revolutionary. He was arrested, tried, and imprisoned. Unexpectedly, however, his stay in prison proved short. This clemency was generally attributed to the influence of former Aurora students who, though high in the Communist hierarchy, had not lost their reverence for their old rector.

After his expulsion from China, Father Germain settled down in Hong Kong as procurator of the Jesuit province of China. In this post he continued to display the large-minded generosity that had characterized him in Shanghai. From first to last, the Jesuits in Vietnam were conscious of a deep debt of gratitude to his openhanded wisdom.

The long story of his academic and administrative career gives but an inadequate picture of this remarkable man. He never lost the priest in the administrator or the academic. He always had a number of catechumens under instruction, and he was always ready to show personal interest in everything and everyone, high and low. He evoked admiration, but still more he evoked affection.

His last two years were spent in invalid seclusion, but he was not forgotten. Many, in many places, will be saddened by the knowledge that his inextinguishable pipe has at last gone out, and that his great heart beats no more.
June 1978



飲 譽 遠 東 區 的 耶 穌 會 會 士 才 爾 孟 神 父已 於 一 九 七 八 年 六 月 十 八 日 安 息 主 懷 , 享 年 八 十 二 歲 。

才 神 父 一 八 九 五 年 十 月 三 十 日 生 於 法 國 。 一 九 一 九 年 進 耶 穌 會 初 學 院 , 一 九 二 九 年 在 中 國 上 海 晉 升 鐸 品 。

在 上 海 期 間 , 才 神 父 曾 任 震 旦 大 學 外 交 關 係 史 教 授 , 並 擔 任 該 大 學 校 長 多 年 , 後 更 被 委 任 為 耶 穌 會 上 海 區 總 務 長 。

自 中 國 大 陸 政 權 易 手 後 , 才 神 父 遂 被 當 局 驅 逐 出 境 , 即 抵 本 港 繼 續 傳 教 , 並 任 該 會 中 華 區 總 務 職 。 才 神 父 為 人 熱 誠 慷 慨 , 辦 事 有 魄 力 且 敏 銳 , 尤 為 越 南 耶 穌 會 會 士 津 津 樂 道 。
1978 年 6 月 30 日

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