Rev. VIGANO, Giovanni PIME


* Birth in Lissone (籬桑), Milan (米蘭), Italy (意大利): [26 April 1916]
* Enter Novitiate: [30 September 1929]
* Ordination in Milan, Italy: [29 June 1940]
* From China transferred to Hong Kong: [January 1954]
* Death in Milan, Italy: [25 July 1990]

* St. Jude
s Chapel, North Point: Assistant [1955]
* Holy Family Chapel, Diamond Hill: Assistant [1956]
* Sacred Heart of Jesus, Tsuen Wan: Vice Cooperator [1957] - [1960]
* Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, Shatin: Rector [1961] - [1966], [1969] - [1974]
* On Leave: [1975]
* Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, Tai O: Rector [1976] -[1990]

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The death of Father John Vigano, P.I.M.E.

Very few people would have expected that the holiday time of Father John was to be extended into the eternal one. But the news reaching PIME - House on 25 July was inequivocal: the leave of absence of Father John Vigano was to last for good!

Father John had left Hong Kong in May for Italy where he planned to celebrate his 50th Anniversary of Priestly Ordination having been made a priest in the cathedral of Milan on 29 June 1940 at 24 years of age. He had a great celebration in his home town of Lissone where he was borne 74 years ago and on this occasion once again his peculiar flare for befriending people showed at its best. Reports of the event quoted words familiar with his sport vocabulary and defined it as a

But his heart was beyond festivities and sport-events and was still longing for Hong Kong.

Above everything else and foremost Father John was in fact a Missionary. He left Italy in the summer of 1947 for the Chinese Diocese of Nanyang entrusted to the PIME Fathers and worked there till the end of 1953 when he was expelled by the Communists. He arrived in Hong Kong and opted to remain and face undaunted the task to blend his mother tongue laced with peculiar Mandarin tones with the English and Cantonese of Hong Kong. In the many places he was sent to serve, especially in the Tsuen Wan and Shatin Districts, he was much liked by his people and even understood by them proving that communication is a matter of the heart before being a question of speech.

In this respect Father John was a great communicator and he was helped in that by his warm personality and Italian flavor to let go with his hands efficiently underlying every shade of feeling and meaning of words, the whole covered by a hearty laugh which resounded loudly wherever Father John was entertaining. And he was always entertaining even in the serious moment of a liturgical celebration he would make people feel the kindness of the Lord and the joy of being at His presence. In all circumstances Father John was unflappable and there are strings of instances worth a good laugh every time he was goaded into recounting them.

This incorrigible optimist had the source of his rebounding stamina in a life of prayer and familiarity with the Lord. It was not a mean feat of his to request tot take charge of Lantao Island in the Spring of 1976 and to live at Tai O for fourteen years all alone: he knew how to be with the Lord and to share happiness with the people around him.

17 August 1990



李 安 諾 神 父 於 一 九 九 0 年 七 月 廿 五 日 在 意 大 利 逝 世 , 享 年 七 十 四 歲 。

追 思 儀 式 定 於 本 月 十 二 日 (主 日) 在 梅 窩 主 顯 彌 撒 中 心 舉 行 , 主 禮 為 梁 祐 忠 神 父 。

李 安 諾 神 父 於 本 年 五 月 離 港 赴 意 大 利 , 慶 祝 晉 鐸 五 十 週 年 紀 念 。 他 在 出 生 地 米 蘭 籬 桑 , 舉 行 慶 祝 活 動 。

李 神 父 於 一 九 四 0 年 在 米 蘭 主 教 座 堂 晉 鐸 。 一 九 四 七 年 , 李 安 諾 神 父 前 赴 中 國 河 南 南 陽 教 區 , 並 在 當 地 服 務 至 一 九 五 三 年 , 被 共 產 黨 驅 逐 為 止 。

一 九 五 四 年 , 李 神 父 抵 達 香 港 。 他 曾 服 務 於 沙 田 及 荃 灣 等 堂 區 , 並 得 到 教 友 的 愛 護 及 了 解 , 證 明 了 溝 通 最 重 要 的 並 非 語 言 , 而 是 一 顆 愛 心 。

李 安 諾 神 父 熱 情 及 風 趣 的 性 格 , 幫 助 他 解 決 了 不 少 溝 通 上 的 問 題 。 他 那 發 自 心 底 的 笑 聲 , 使 人 在 一 些 嚴 肅 的 時 刻 或 舉 行 禮 儀 時 , 也 能 感 受 到 上 主 的 慈 愛 , 以 及 天 主 臨 在 的 喜 樂 。

李 神 父 在 香 港 教 區 服 務 多 年 , 深 得 教 友 愛 戴 , 現 在 他 蒙 主 寵 召 , 希 請 各 位 教 友 為 其 代 禱 , 冀 能 安 息 主 懷 。
1990 年 8 月 3 日

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