Bro. BATES, Hugh FSC

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* Birth in Cloneml (克朗梅爾), Ireland (愛爾蘭): [4 April 1912]
* Enter Novitiate in Ireland: [1931]
* Take Vows in Penang (檳城): [September 1937]
* Arrival in Hong Kong: [1946]
* Service in Hong Kong: [1946-1953]
* Death in Hong Kong: [31 May 1953]

# Information according to FSC


Brother Hugh Bates

The Rev. Brother Hugh Bates of La Salle College, who died Sunday, was born at Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, Eire, on 4 April 1912. After his training at the Brothers’ Training Schools of Castletown and Waterford he held appointments on the staffs of St. Xavier’s Penang, and St. Francis’, Malacca.

After the Pacific War he came to Hong Kong and taught for a few months at St. Joseph’s College. He then went on leave and spent two years in Cambridge, after which he returned to Hong Kong and was posted to La Salle College where he became Senior Master.

Brother Bates was a member of the Special Constabulary, attached to Kowloon City Division. Soft-spoken and genial he was very popular with all members of his unit.

He had served in the British Army and during the war was interned in Malaya.

He died in his sleep in the early hours of Sunday morning.
5 June 1953


Death of Rev. Bro. Hugh
An Eulogy

On Trinity Sunday when the senior boys of La Salle College were pouring over their final preparation for the matriculation examination, they were, one by one, informed of the sudden and sad bereavement of Rev. Bro. Hugh, their teacher. With heavy hearts they rushed back to pay their last respects to their master, who was, to all those who had the good fortune to know him, a helpful mentor learned and witty, though at times strict and solemn.

Born in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, Eire, on 4 April 1912, Rev. Bro Hugh Bates was trained at the Brothers’ Training Schools of Castletown and Waterford, and after finishing his studies, was sent to the Far East where he taught in St. Xavier’s Penang, and St. Francis’, Malacca. In 1946 he taught for some time in St. Joseph’s College and then went on leave to Ireland, which he left for further study in Cambridge. He returned to Hong Kong and joined the staff of La Salle College where he became the senior master.

His special aptitude for languages made him render appreciable service to many a student by his devoted coaching in those languages which, like Latin and German, are not normally on the school curriculum. His free and spontaneous offer to help those of his boys who encountered difficulties in the study of mathematics will be gratefully remembered by them. His death deprived us also of a very capable editor of our school magazine and makes it difficult for the school authorities to find a worthy successor.

His confreres mourn a pleasant and cheerful companion, his pupils an energetic and devoted guide. Dear and beloved Brother, we bid you good-bye, with a prayer on our lips, gratitude in our hearts and a firm conviction that yours will be the reward promised by God in the Holy Writ.

“They that teach many the way of virtue shall shine as the stars for all eternity.”
By Lucas Chan
12 June 1953


一 九 五 三 年 五 月 卅 一 日 , 九 龍 喇 沙 書 院 姚 修 士 因 患 心 臟 病 , 突 然 逝 世 。

一 九 一 二 年 , 姚 修 士 生 於 愛 爾 蘭 干 美 路 地 方 , 年 青 時 , 在 加 士 道 頓 及 維 多 活 受 教 育 , 其 後 任 教 於 庇 嚨 及 馬 六 甲 , 一 九 四 六 年 來 港 , 執 教 於 聖 若 瑟 書 院 不 久 返 國 入 劍 橋 大 學 深 造 , 畢 業 後 , 再 度 來 港 , 任 喇 沙 書 院 大 學 備 修 班 (from VI) 主 任 。

姚 修 士 平 日 待 人 接 物 , 和 藹 可 親 , 且 博 學 多 才 , 教 導 有 方 , 對 遇 有 疑 難 之 學 生 , 更 竭 力 幫 忙 , 反 覆 講 解 , 務 使 弟 子 釋 難 去 疑 , 故 極 得 學 生 之 愛 戴 。
1953 年 6 月 21 日

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