Bro. DUPONT, Honorius FSC


* Birth in France (法國): [23 January 1885]
* Enter Novitiate in France: [25 August 1903]
* Take Vows in Malacca (
馬六甲), Malaysia (馬來西亞): [8 December 1913]
* Service in Hong Kong: [1934-1947]
* Death in Singapore (
新加坡): [20 September 1963]

# Information according to FSC

Rev. Brother Honorius, F.S.C.

With the death of Rev. Brother Honorius F.S.C. which took place in Singapore, at the age of 78, there disappears a legendary figure who played no small role in Catholic education in this colony and who will not be forgotten by the many pupils who knew him on La Salle College between the years 1934 and 1942.

He was one of the gallant band of Brothers who under the Anticlerical Laws of 1904 were forced to leave their beloved France in order to preserve their status as Religious teachers. Malaya was the first field of his apostolate wherein he soon acquired the reputation of being an excellent teacher of English, particularly gifted for Literature and with a flair for Drama. In 1934, he came to La Salle College to take charge of the newly-opened Matriculation class, carrying out a great responsibility with outstanding success.

He was one of the pioneer members of the Hong Kong Teachers’ Association and his efforts on various committees were marked by his enthusiasm and unbounded energy. He took a great interest in choral music and dramatics and did much successful pioneering which led eventually to the monthly concerts of the Hong Kong Schools Music Association. He was one of the founders of La Salle College Old Boys’ Association and to him is the College indebted for its rousing School Song. But it was above all his personality as a teacher and guide that endeared him to those he led and hundreds of La Salle graduates, many who have now attained prominence in public life, witnessed his burning sincerity, his great-heartedness and his insatiable appetite for work. May his valiant soul rest in peace!

Requiem High Mass was celebrated for the repose of his soul in St. Teresa’s Church, Kowloon, at 6pm on Tuesday, 8 October.

11 October 1963



基 督 學 校 修 士 會 霍 諾 瑞 斯 修 士 在 星 加 坡 逝 世 , 享 年 七 十 八 歲 。 一 九 三 四 至 一 九 四 二 年 間 , 霍 諾 瑞 斯 修 士 曾 執 教 本 港 喇 沙 書 院 , 負 責 該 校 大 學 預 科 班 , 成 績 斐 然 。 香 港 教 師 會 的 成 立 , 霍 諾 瑞 斯 修 士 為 發 起 人 之 一 。 他 是 喇 沙 舊 生 會 的 創 辦 人 , 喇 沙 校 歌 也 是 他 編 撰 的 。 今 日 服 務 香 港 的 喇 沙 畢 業 生 , 很 多 出 自 霍 諾 瑞 斯 修 士 門 下 。

本 教 區 於 十 月 八 日 下 午 六 時 假 九 龍 聖 德 肋 撒 堂 行 追 思 彌 撒 。

1963 年 10 月 11 日

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