Bro. PILZ, Hubert FSC
胡 培修士

Photo: FSC

* Birth in Saxony (薩克森), Germany (德國): [25 September 1906]
* Enter Novitiate in Germany: [15 August 1924]
* Take Vows in Manila: [22 March 1931]
* Service in Hong Kong: [1932], [1966-1980]
* Death in Hong Kong: [4 March 1980]

# Information according to FSC

Death of Brother Hubert Pilz, F.S.C.

Brother Hubetr Pilz, FSC, died peacefully from heart failure on Tuesday 4 February 1980, after a few days in St. Teresas Hospital, in his 74 year.

Born in Germany, he joined the Brothers of Christian Schools in 1922 and after training volunteered for the Far East Missions. He was a short while in the Philippines and then posted to St. Joseph
s College from 1932-37, where he was Prefect of Boarders and Sports Master and Organist on Sunday at the Cathedral. Most of his life was spent in Burma.

He was a very good
school man and had a marked aptitude, for organization. He was Director successively in Rangoon, Mandalay, Maymyo. In 1967 he returned to Hong Kong and was Supervisor of de La Salle School.

A dedicated teacher, he is remembered with affection and gratitude by his numerous former pupils in Hong Kong, Manila, Burma, and by his confreres for his charity and solid piety.

14 March 1980

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