Bro. De MELLO, Hilary Adrian FSC

* Birth in Penang (檳城), Malaysia (馬來西亞): [17 February 1885]
* Enter Novitiate in Colombo (可倫坡): [1905]
* Take Vows: [8 December 1915]
* Arrival in Hong Kong: [1915]
* Service in Hong Kong: [1915-1917], [1940-1960]
* Death in Penang, Malaysia: [17 September 1960]

# Information according to FSC

Brother Hilary de Mello, F.S.C.

The Rev. Brother Hilary de Mello of St. Joseph’s College died on Saturday while on holiday to his native town, Penang. He was 76 years old.

Brother Hilary spent over 50 years in education, and taught in many of the Brothers’ Schools in Malaya, Burma and Manila.

In 1940, he was transferred to Hong Kong and taught in St. Joseph’s College until his retirement, some years ago.

Old students of St. Joseph’s College will remember him as a dynamic, effective teacher who insisted on thoroughness and method, and whose kindly spirit and genial manner made light and pleasant the years of school life.

Brother Hilary was born in Penang and received his early education at St. Xavier’s School. When he joined the De La Salle Brothers he was sent to Colombo for his professional training. After teaching in Malaya and Burma, he was transferred to Manila. In 1940, he came to Hong Kong, organized and conducted the Commercial Classes. His gentle manner and disposition, strengthened by his all round efficiency earned for him a high place in the esteem of his pupils.
23 September 1960


Rev. Bro Hilary De Mello
By John Leung (S.J.C.)

Rev. Bro. Hilary, former teacher in St. Joseph’s College, passed away after a short illness while on holiday to his native town, Penang, at the age of 76.

Bro Hilary was born in Penang, 1885, and received his early education in St. Xavier’s School, Penang. He joined the De La Salle Teaching Order and received professional training in Colombo. He had been teaching Burma, Manila, and his first connection with Hong Kong was in 1915. He left Hong Kong before the War, and returned in 1940. From thence, he was in charge of the Commercial Classes and was an excellent Commercial teacher. After the war, he was put in charge of the School Library. He retired a few years ago, but he was still very popular among the students, both old and new boys.

In recent years, in spite of his advance in age, he was strong and healthy, and he took walking as his best exercise. In school, during recess time or in the afternoon, he could be found in the playground, talking to the boys, who liked him very much because he was so kind and friendly.

Though Bro. Hilary had past away, he left his memories to all those who knew him. So, let’s pray that his soul may rest peacefully in heaven.
23 September 1960

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