Rev. McCABE, Justin OCSO


* Birth in Rode Island (羅德島), U.S.A. (美國): [7 December 1908]
* Ordination: [1939]
* Death in Hong Kong: [20 July 1997]

Farewell to Father Justin McCabe, O.C.S.O.

At 9pm on Sunday evening, 20 July 1997, Father Mary Justin, better known to his Maryknoll brothers and sisters as Father Ted, completed his mission to China and responded to the Lords summons to a better place.

Edwin McCabe was born in Providence, Rode Island in the United States on 7 December 1908. He liked to remind us that in China it was already 8 December - the feast of the Immaculate Conception.

During his high-school days Edwin regularly visited the Trappist Monastery of Our Lady of the Valley on Rode Island. It was the guestmaster there, Father Michael Hollings, who, as a discerning spiritual father, directed the young candidate to the American Foreign Mission Society at Maryknoll.

Edwin entered the Society in 1930 and nine years later was ordained a priest by Bishop James E. Walsh. It was from Walsh that as a young priest Edwin heard his call to work in China. His first assignment was to Guilin, where there are still parishioners who remember with affection their young pastor of many years ago. Father McCabe had the joy of visiting them in 1980 and this writer brought his loving greetings to them in 1991. Father McCabe served them well until he was expelled from China in 1951.

His next duty was to form new Maryknollers for the mission he loved. And it was with joy that he greeted the chance to return to China in 1959, this time in Taiwan. Among his many other achievements in Taiwan, Father McCabe founded a Boys Town in 1972 and six years later a Girls Town.

As his seventieth birthday approached Father McCabe
s superiors indicated that it was time for him to think of retiring back to the US. But he had given his heart and soul to China and believing that the best way to foster the mission of the church was through the contemplative life, Father McCabe turned his eyes towards the Trappist cloister on Lantau Island.

On 18 December 1980 Father McCabe was received into the Cistercian Community at Our Lady of Joy Monastery and three years later was consecrated a monk, taking the name of Mary Justin. He saw his new life as a natural continuation of his former one and China remained his mission. The mission cross he had received in August, 1939 was still in his hands as he prepared for death 58 years later.

Father McCabe died at St. Mary
s Home for the Aged, Wong Chuk Hang and was buried at Our Lady of Joy Monastery on 22 July.
27 July 1997


熙 篤 會 聖 母 神 樂 院 團 體 懇 請 各 位 為 新 亡 者 麥 志 誠 神 父 祈 禱 。 麥 神 父 於 一 九 九 七 年 七 月 二 十 日 (主 日)  晚 上 九 時 在 黃 竹 坑 聖 瑪 利 安 老 院 逝 世 , 享 年 八 十 九 歲 。

麥 神 父 因 年 老 體 弱 , 早 前 已 曾 入 住 聖 保 祿 醫 院 並 在 聖 瑪 利 安 老 院 休 養 。

大 半 生 獻 身 於 瑪 利 諾 修 會 傳 教 事 業 的 麥 神 父 曾 先 後 在 中 國 大 陸 及 台 灣 服 務 數 十 年 , 並 在 一 九 八 一 年 退 休 後 加 入 神 樂 院 隱 修 團 體 , 以 默 觀 生 活 方 式 繼 續 完 成 他 愛 主 愛 人 的 使 命 , 為 他 熱 愛 的 中 國 祈 禱 。

殯 葬 禮 已 於 七 月 廿 二 日 上 午 , 在 大 嶼 山 聖 母 神 樂 院 舉 行 。
1997 年 7 月 27 日

先賢錄--香港天主教神職及男女修會會士 (1841-2010), 天主教香港教區檔案處, 2010.
先賢錄--香港天主教神職及男女修會會士 (1841-2016), 天主教香港教區檔案處, 2016.