Bro. PIERRON, Joseph Stanislaus FMS

Photo: F.M.S.

* 1883 年 5 月 28 日在法國 (France) 出生
* 1901 年來華
* 1953-1957 年
* 1957 年 11 月 11 日在香港逝世

# 按照聖母小昆仲會提供資料為準

Brother Joseph Stanislaus FMS

Brother Joseph Stanislaus, Marist Brother, who died in the Precious Blood Hospital on Monday 11 November 1957, was born in France in 1883, and came to China in 1901, immediately after the Boxer Rebellion, at the age of eighteen. He spent the remaining fifty six years of his life in China, never returning to his native France.

During those years he taught in Canton, Nanning, Shanghai and Peking, and was also Superior in the last two cities. Everywhere he proved himself a model Marist Brother, cheerfully setting a good example to others.

The Communist onslaught found him at the head of a community of young charges. He came, first to Macau, and then to Hong Kong, where all settled down in the Maison Albert Scholasticate in Stafford Road Kowloon. He was still Superior of Maison Albert when death came.

All who came in contact with him will testify that he was a true man of God, whose only interest was the furtherance of the cause of God, and the spreading of His Kingdom on earth. He could not but talk of God and Our Lady to all whom he met; for his intense inner life overflowed into his conversation.
15 November 1957

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