Bro. SHANG, Linus OCSO

* 1923 1 月 23 日在中國寧夏 (Ningxia) 出生
* 1941 年入會
* 1971
11 1 日在香港逝世

Death of Brother Linus Shang, O.C.O.S.
Full Trappist Funeral Rite

Brother Linus Shang, O.C.O.S., of the Trappist Monastery, Lantao, died suddenly in his room on the night of the Feast of All Saints, 1 November 1971, aged 48.

Brother Linus was born on 23 January 1923, from an old Catholic family in the city Zi-Ning in the province Ning Sia, Mongolia. He entered the Trappist Monastery of Our Lady of Liesse in Cheng Ting Fu, in October, 1941, just at the time when Dom Paulinus Lee was elected Prior of the Monastery He made his Temporary and Solemn Vows, and for thirty years he lived the life of the Cistercian Trappist Monastery. Throughout those years he proved himself a devoted servant God and a devoted worker in the Community. He had a special gift for looking after sheep. Lantao has no sheep, so during his twenty years there, he devoted himself to the care of cattle. Me loved cows-be yelled at cows-he drove cows. The community gratefully feels a great loss at his departure to the other world.

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Brother Linus was the first Trappist to die “at home” in the Monastery in Lantao. So for the first time the Community has had the honour and the sad pleasure of carrying out in full the duties of Christian piety in accordance with the traditions of the Cistercian Funeral and the ancient Liturgical rite peculiar of the Order.

From the moment of the Brother’s death until the Funeral, watch of the body was continous, day and night, by two monks, reciting the Psalms of David - Secondly Dom Paulinus Lee had the great privilege of washing and clothing the body of one of his children. He was helped by Brother Jacob, and while they were at their task, the Rev. Dom Benedict Chao, Superior, was reading the long and impressive prayers, and blessings, from the Cistercian Ritual.

Third: four American Trappist monks, who are helping in Lantao, dug the grave; three feet, by six and six feet deep. They carried the Brother’s unconfined body, in the balancer… and lowered it into the grave. Fourthly: the Funeral Concelebration-High-Mass took place on the morning of 3 November, at 7am. At the end of the Mass, Rev. Dom Benedict Chao, the Superior, presided at the triple Absolution. Then, while the double bells tolled… and Community went in Procession to the cemetery… singing the Psalm “In Exitu Israel de Aegypto…” Long were the prayers to bless the grave… and the body of Brother Linus was slowly entrusted to the earth… At this moment the aged Dom Paulinus Lee descended into the grave to arrange the unconfined body, and to incense it, and to cover Brother Linus’ face with the Caputium of his Scapular… The Superior then began the burial by throwing a shovel of the earth into the grave. No one left till the end of the recitation of the seven penitential Psalms, nearly every monk took part in shoveling the earth and burying their Brother. When the grave had been filled up the Cross was fixed at the head. The monks felt that their Brother Linus Shang had said Good Bye.
By Dom Paulinus Lee
6 November 1971
12 November 1971



大 嶼 山 熙 篤 會 聖 母 神 樂 院 尚 理 諾 修 士 , 於 一 九 七 一 年 十 一 月 一 日 深 夜 逝 世 , 三 日 上 午 依 熙 篤 會 殯 葬 儀 式 , 先 將 遺 體 抬 入 聖 堂 舉 行 追 思 彌 撒 , 後 即 安 葬 於 會 院 內 , 由 前 院 長 李 博 嵐 神 父 主 禮 。

按 尚 修 士 , 寧 夏 省 集 寧 縣 人 , 今 年 四 十 八 歲 。 一 九 四 一 年 秋 , 不 遠 千 里 到 河 北 省 正 定 縣 入 熙 篤 會 , 度 苦 修 生 活 , 迄 今 整 整 三 十 年 , 在 此 期 間 , 他 時 常 表 現 敬 畏 天 主 , 慇 懃 為 弟 兄 服 務 。 因 他 有 蒙 古 人 的 遊 牧 天 才 , 會 方 特 派 他 負 責 牧 牛 , 在 大 嶼 山 二 十 年 , 他 常 與 牛 為 友 , 並 且 愛 牛 如 子 , 如 今 突 然 逝 世 , 實 為 該 院 的 重 大 損 失 ; 但 他 德 備 功 全 , 蒙 主 寵 召 , 願 他 早 登 天 國 , 永 享 真 福 。
1971 年 11 月 12 日

先賢錄--香港天主教神職及男女修會會士 (1841-2010), 天主教香港教區檔案處, 2010.
先賢錄--香港天主教神職及男女修會會士 (1841-2016), 天主教香港教區檔案處, 2016.