Rev. ROSSI, Luigi Maria PIME


* Birth in Pontida, Bergamo (貝加莫), Italy (意大利): [21 April 1889]
* Enter Novitiate: [7 September 1909]
* Ordination: [29 June 1913]
* Departure from Italy to Hong Kong: [18 September 1913]
* Death in Ambivere
(安比韋雷), Italy: [19 December 1956]

* Cathedral: [1913]
* To Yeung (屯洋), Sha U Chung (沙魚涌): Assistant [1914] - [1915]
* Huiyang (惠陽) District, Tam Shui (淡水): [1917] - [1924]
* Cathedral: Vice Rector [1925] - [1927]
* Rector of the Cathedral: [1928] - [1933]
* Vice Procurator: [1925] - [1929]
* In Charge of the Portuguese Congregation of the Cathedral: [1927]
* Professor of Seminary: [1927] - [1931]
* Chaplain to the Civil Hospital: [1928] - [1936]
* Superior of the Mission House: [1930] - [1933]
* In Charge of the Catholic Cemeteries: [1930] - [1936]
* Rector of the Rosary Church: [1934] - [1940]
* Leave Hong Kong: [1940]

# Information according to PIME Webpage

Father Louis Maria Rossi

The sad news has just been received from Italy of the death of Rev. Father Louis Maria Rossi, who spend more than 25 years of his life as a Missionary in the Hong Kong Diocese.

Father Rossi was born at Pontida, in the Province of Bergamo, in 1889, and made his classical and theological studies in the seminary of his Diocese.

Following God
s call to a missionary life, he joined the Pontifical Foreign Missions institute of Milan, where he completed his studies of Theology and was ordained a priest.

In 1913 he was sent to the Mission of Hong Kong, where for about 12 years he was in charge of the difficult district of Tam Shui and To Yeung.

In 1925 he was called to the city of Hong Kong to be in charge of the Portuguese community of the Cathedral Parish.

A few years afterwards he succeeded Rev. Father Spada as Rector of Rosary Church, where he had ample opportunities to show his zeal and spirit of enterprise.

In 1938, for reasons of health and also to pay a visit to his relatives, whom he had not seen for 25 years, he obtained leave to go to Italy. Unfortunately, the Second World War prevented him from returning to Hong Kong when his leave was over, and he had to adapt himself to become assistant priest at the large and beautiful Church of Our Lady of Graces in the city of Bergamo, where he carried out his much appreciated work until the day of his death, which occurred on 1 December 1956.

It was only a few months before his passing away that the gravity of his illness was realized. When he was hurried to the Hospital of Varazze to undergo an urgent operation, the surgeons deemed it useless to proceed with it, as they found out that the patient was affected with severe and widespread cancer. In fact, less than two months afterwards he passed away.

Rev. Father Rossi was very much esteemed and loved by all the priests on account of his jovial, kind and generous disposition.

He was also loved and appreciated by all his parishioners, whom he always treated with paternal kindness and charity. To the last day of his life he remembered them all and would have welcome the possibility of returning to his Mission.

The news of his death will bring deep sadness to all who had the fortune of knowing him. May all pray for the repose of his soul.

 4 January 1957


Father Rossi

Parishioners of Rosary Church in Kowloon prayed at a solemn Requiem Mass for the repose of the soul of their former parish priest, the late Father Louis M. Rossi who died on 19 December 1956, in Bergamo, Italy.

The Requiem Mass was sung on 18 January and was offered by the members of the Little Flower Club. Father Rossi who was parish priest of Rosary Church from 1932 to 1938 was also the Spiritual Director of the Little Flower Club.

Born in Pontida in the Province of Bergamo, Italy, Father Rossi came to Hong Kong in 1913. For twelve years he laboured in the districts of Tamshui and To Yeung. From 1925 till his appointment to Rosary church he was attached to the Cathedral in Hong Kong.

In 1938 Father Rossi went back to Italy for health reasons and the outbreak of the war prevented him from returning to Hong Kong. He was then appointed to the Church of Our Lady of Graces in Bergamo.

Much esteemed by his fellow priests, Father Rossi is particularly remembered by parishioners of the Cathedral and Rosary Church for his patience, Kindness and charity to all.
25 January 1957



間 米 蘭 外 方 傳 教 會 頃 接 獲 意 大 利 傳 來 噩 耗 , 謂 曾 在 本 港 教 區 傳 教 達 廿 五 年 之 米 蘭 外 方 傳 教 會 會 士 恪 慎 齋 神 父 , 最 近 在 意 國 病 逝 。

恪 神 父 誕 生 於 意 國 貝 加 摩 城 龐 諦 達 地 方 , 入 當 地 教 區 之 修 院 攻 讀 神 哲 學 , 後 遂 進 入 米 蘭 外 方 傳 教 會 , 並 在 該 會 之 修 院 內 完 成 神 學 及 晉 陞 鐸 品 。 一 九 一 三 年 奉 調 來 港 , 在 困 難 重 重 之 淡 水 及 屯 洋 (沙 魚 涌) 兩 地 傳 教 , 迨 一 九 二 五 年 調 返 本 港 總 堂 服 務 , 專 事 管 理 葡 籍 教 友 ; 數 年 後 , 復 調 任 九 龍 玫 瑰 堂 , 繼 德 神 父 為 主 任 司 鐸 。 一 九 三 八 年 , 由 於 健 康 發 生 問 題 , 遂 返 鄉 渡 假 及 省 視 鄉 親 。 詎 料 二 次 世 界 大 戰 爆 發 , 不 能 返 港 , 遂 留 在 貝 加 摩 城 之 聖 母 聖 寵 之 母 堂 任 助 理 司 鐸 , 直 至 一 九 五 六 年 十 二 月 一 日 , 因 病 逝 世 。 恪 神 父 為 人 慈 祥 和 靄 , 尤 為 本 堂 區 教 友 所 愛 戴 。 今 一 旦 逝 世 , 識 與 不 識 莫 不 惋 惜 云 。 深 望 本 報 讀 者 為 彼 求 主 , 俾 得 早 登 安 所 。
1957 年 1 月 4 日

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