Rev. CORBALLY, Matthew SJ


* Birth in London (倫敦), U.K. (英國): [8 November 1911]
* Enter Novitiate: [14 September 1931]
* Ordination in Shanghai (上海), China: [19 May 1945]
* Arrival in Hong Kong: [1939]
* Death in Hong Kong: [25 January 1989]

# Information according to “Jesuits in Hong Kong, South China and Beyond” / Pictorial memories of the Jesuits in Hong Kong 1926 to 2016

Death of Father Corbally S.J.

Father Matthew Corbally, SJ, of Wah Yan College, Hong Kong, died suddenly on Wednesday, 25 January 1989, aged 77. He was in full vigou until late in the proceeding week. Then for a few days he complained of loss of all energy. In the morning of 25 January, he collapsed suddenly and never recovered full consciousness.

The news of his death came as a severe shock to the many people who had met him recently, full of life and energy. Some who had known him less well asked it he was the very tall man who smiled so readily. The answer was Yes. Father Corbally was a very tall man - six feet four - but his friendly smile was even more characteristic than his great height.

Though an Irishman, he was born in London, on 8 November 1911. After schooling in Clongowes, Ireland, and Stoneyhurst, England, he joined the Society of Jesus in 1931. From the beginning of his Jesuit life he was outstanding as a man of deep charity: he enjoyed being kind. This characteristic he retrained to the end.

He came to Hong Kong as a scholastic in 1939 and, after two years spent studying Cantonese, he joined the staff of Wah Yan College, Hong Kong. Very soon, war interrupted education. Like his fellow Jesuits he took a vigorous part in the work of civil aid during the siege of Hong Kong, working tirelessly and fearlessly. At least one Hong Kong it owed his survival to prompt help from Father (then Mr.) Corbally.

He did his theological studies in Shanghai and was ordained priest there in 1945. In 1946 he went to Ireland for the completion of his Jesuit training and for a last meeting with his dearly loved mother.

He returned to Hong Kong in 1947 and spent the rest of his life in Wah Yan College, Hong Kong (1947-63 and 1966-89) and Wah Yan College, Kowloon (1963-66), as teacher and usually also sports master. From 1969 to 1974 he was Rector of the Jesuit community of Wah Yan, Hong Kong. For most of the other years he held the post of Minister (housekeeper), a postgiving full scope to his unfailing charity. In particular it fell to his lot to welcome visitors. They were made very welcome indeed. He threw himself into the work of the school with enthusiasm, retaining his interest in the students and their sports to the end of his life.

Cardinal John B. Wu led the concelebration of the Mass of the Resurrection in St. Margaret
s Church on Monday, 30 January. Father Corbally was buried in St. Michaels Cemetery, Happy Valley.
3 February 1989



耶 穌 會 會 士 江 之 和 神 父 , 於 一 九 八 九 年 一 月 廿 五 日 上 午 十 時 在 鄧 肇 堅 醫 院 安 息 主 懷 。

江 神 父 原 籍 愛 爾 蘭 , 一 九 一 一 年 在 英 國 倫 敦 出 生 及 受 洗 。 一 九 三 一 年 進 入 耶 穌 會 初 學 院 。 一 九 三 九 年 奉 派 來 港 傳 教 , 並 在 港 學 習 中 文 , 一 九 四 一 年 任 教 香 港 華 仁 書 院 。 同 年 十 二 月 , 香 港 淪 陷 , 與 其 他 神 父 冒 生 命 危 險 從 事 救 濟 工 作 。 一 九 四 二 年 奉 派 往 上 海 攻 讀 神 學 。 一 九 四 五 年 晉 鐸 。 一 九 四 八 年 回 港 , 分 別 在 香 港 及 九 龍 的 華 仁 書 院 任 教 多 年 。

江 神 父 逝 世 前 為 香 港 華 仁 書 院 副 院 長 及 小 堂 主 任 司 鐸 。

江 神 父 精 明 能 幹 、 和 藹 可 親 、 憐 恤 貧 苦 、 活 潑 好 動 , 尤 其 熱 心 在 校 內 推 廣 體 育 活 動 , 深 受 學 生 喜 愛 。 今 神 父 息 勞 歸 主 , 懇 請 信 眾 為 彼 祈 禱 。
1989 年 2 月 3 日

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