Rev. De MARIA, Pietro MEM


* Birth in Ponte Stura, Alessandria (亞歷山德里亞), Italy (意大利): [7 February 1866]
* Enter Novitiate: [18 April 1888]
* Ordination: [22 September 1888]
* Arrival in Hong Kong: [3 January 1889]
* Death in Italy: [28 April 1923]

* Haifeng: [1889]
* St. Francis Church, Wanchai: [1892]
* Prov. Apostolic and General Procurator of
Propaganda Fide in China: [1895] - [1923]
* St. Lewis Orphanage, West Point: Director [1908]
* St. Francis
Church, Wanchai: Rector [1908] - [1923]
* Vicar Delegate General: [1921] - [1923]
* General Procurator of the S.C. of P.F.: [1910] - [1923]
* St. Anthony
s Church, West Point: [1915] - [1921]

# Information according to PIME Webpage


The Very Rev. Father P. De Maria

A Cablegram for Milan, dated the 28 inst., has brought to Bishop Pozzoni the sad news of the death of his Vicar Delegate, the Very Rev. Father P. de Maria, who left the Colony for Italy on the 27 of February last in an attempt to regain his long shattered health, which, however, was unsuccessful. Father De Maria succumbed scarcely ten days after he had reached home.

The late Priest was born in Piedmont in 1866 and was widely known in Hong Kong, having resided here since immediately after his ordination in 1888. All his activities, except a short period of 3 years in the Hoifung district, were centered in Hong Kong, where he was noted as a keen educationalist and was the Correspondent for the Catholic schools as well as a member of the local Broad of Education. The great progress of the local Catholic Schools shows that his activities were not spent in vain. Father De Maria was also the popular Parish Priest of St. Francis’ Church in Wanchai. On the day he left for home, he assisted at the laying of the corner-stone of the St. Margaret’s Church in Broadwood Road and in the speech he made on that occasion expressed his strong hope of coming back soon to take up his duties there. His constant kind hearted disposition had made him a host of friends who went in a very large number to bid him good bye when he left and who will be deeply grieved to learn of his death.
 30 April 1923

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