Bro. TONER, Patrick FSC
佟 那修士


Photo: The Gateway Bulletin

* Birth in Ireland (愛爾蘭): [22 September 1892]
* Enter Novitiate in Rangoon (仰光): [8 December 1910]
* Take Vows in Rangoon: [8 December 1921]
* Service in Hong Kong: [1947-1956]
* Death in Ireland: [28 September 1968]

# Information according to FSC

Reverend Brother Patrick Toner, F.S.C.

Old friends and pupils will hear with regret of the death of Reverend Brother Patrick, F.S.C., former Director and Headmaster of La Salle College. Patrick Toner was born in Co. Armagh, Ireland, and joined the Brothers of the Christian Schools at a very early age. He volunteered for the missions of the Far East and spent most of the 76 years of his life in Rangoon and Hong Kong. In Burma, he revealed himself as a brilliant teacher and organizer and brought St. Paul’s, Rangoon, to a very high scholastic standard. At the end of the Pacific War he was posted to Kowloon where he strove with characteristic zest to steer La Salle skillfully through the difficulties of the critical post war years. After 9 years as Director, he retired to Belfast. His genial personality, sense of humour and wit, and his untiring efforts on behalf of La Salle College will long be remembered. His unwavering dedication to the training of young men in the Far East for half a century has surely met it reward.

8 November 1968

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