Rev. BROOKES, Riccardo PIME
穀祿師神父 (福利嘉)

* Birth in Mandello Lario, Lecco (勒高鎮), Italy (意大利): [27 January 1892]
* Ordination in Milan (
米蘭), Italy: [29 June 1915]
* Enter Novitiate: [30 September 1920]
* Departure from Italy to Hong Kong: [14 November 1921]
* Death in Rancio, Lecco, Italy: [29 June 1980]

* Sai Kung, New Territories: [1923]
* In Charge of the English Congregation At the Cathedral: [1924]
* Catholic Mission, Caine Road: [1925] - [1927]
* Director of Tai Po District: [1928] - [1931]
* Assistant Procurator: [1928]
* Director of Sai Kung District: [1932] - [1934]
* Director of Tu Yeung (屯洋), Po On (寶安) District: [1935]
* Catholic Mission, Caine Road: [1936] - [1941], [1948]
* Rector of St. Joseph
s Church Garden Road: [1949]
* Chancellor of the Curia: [1950] - [1953]
* Procurator: [1950]
* Diocesan Tribunal: Notary [1954] - [1970]
* St. Teresa
s Church, Kowloon: Vice Cooperator [1954] - [1961], [1963] - [1970]
* Mission Central House, Caine Road: [1971] - [1974]
* PIME House: [1975]
* Regional Superior: [1976]

* PIME House: Rector [1977]

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Death of Father Brookes, P.I.M.E.

Father Richard Brookes, PIME, who served in many posts in the Diocese of Hong Kong between 1921 and 1977 and won widespread veneration through his unfailing charity, died at the PIME Rest House, near Como, Italy, on 29 June 1980, aged 88.

Mass of the Resurrection at St. Joseph
s Church at 6pm on Tuesday, 16 July 1980.

Father Richard Sebastian Brookes, PIME,
father of the poor and one of the best loved priests in the history of Hong Kong, died in his sleep in the PIME rest house at Rancio Di Lecco, Italy, on the feast of Sts Peter and Paul, aged 88. He had been a priest for 65 years and had laboured in Hong Kong for 56 years.

Father Brookes was born at Mandello Loario, Como, Italy, on 27 January 1892. His father was English, but his mother was Italian and the family home was in Italy. It must have been an exceptionally happy home: admiring memories of his parents and his sisters illuminated his life down to his latest years.

He entered the diocesan seminary at the age of 16 and was ordained priest in 1915, aged 23. Further studies won him a degree in Canon Law. After a period of English study at Cambridge, he taught French and English in an Italian college.

In 1920 he joined the PIME Society. In the following year he set out for Hong Kong, ready for anything. In the course of the succeeding 56 years he was to hold almost every post open to a missionary priest - rector or Parish Priest in City and country, Chancellor and Vicar General of the diocese, prison chaplain, chaplain to lepers, and doer of any odd jobs that needed to be done, always busy, always good humoured.

After a couple of years
experiences as assistant priest in Saikung, he was made Rector of the new mission district of Taipo and the N.T. Islands (1926-1932), of Saikung (1932-34) and of Po-on and Waichau in Kwangtung (1934-36). Three times, at Tai O, Cheung Po and Shek Pik, he had the happiness of being approached by substantial groups who wished to be instructed, and who were later to implant the faith in their neighborhoods.

In 1936 he was appointed Vice Chancellor, and in 1938 Chancellor of the diocese.

The outbreak of war found him in Italy. Not till 1948 was he able to get back to Hong Kong. On his return he was made Parish Priest of St. Joseph
s Church. In 1949 he was again appointed Chancellor, with the additional post of prison chaplain. In 1950, he was made Vicar General of the diocese. This appointment lapsed on Bishop Valtorta's death in 1951, but Father Brookes remained Chancellor till 1953.

He then became chaplain to La Salle College (1953-55), assistant priest at St. Teresa
s (1955-64) and chaplain to Queen Elizabeth Hospital (1964-70). In addition in 1969 he became chaplain to the Catholic lepers in Hay Ling Chau, a work very dear to his heart. He founded the society of St. Camillus for ex-lepers and poured out affection upon its members.

In 1970, Father Brookes, now aged 78, was assigned to the Mission House, Caine Road, without official duties: as everyone excepted he remained as busy as ever, always eager to hear confessions, always immersed in the care of those in misfortune.

In 1977, in declining health, he returned to Italy, to receive there the care that he now needed. He wept on leaving Hong Kong, but he knew that he would not have to wait long for a better land.

That is a long record of distinguished service. Nevertheless the Father Brookes we remember in Hong Kong is not the administrator that his record suggests, but a dear old man, spending nothing on himself, begging vigorously for the sake of those he would befriend. His battered old hat and his threadbare coat become symbols of the warm heart within.

This single-minded devotion never made him inhuman or remote. He loved his family with exceptional fervour. He loved his friends and made new friends with ease. He loved a chat. He liked dropping into the Sunday Examiner office to discuss the niceties of English idiom. Yet love of those in want was always his dominating love.

He never turned a deaf ear to any plea of misfortune. Anything he himself had went at once. Then he turned to anyone who might be induced to make up the deficit. He was often fooled by sham petitioners; but that was a form of experience from which he never learnt. It always remained almost incredible to him that anyone could engage in deliberate deceit. Moreover he was ready to be deceived by twenty rather than leave one genuine suffer unhelped. In his last years here bodily infirmity made movement difficult for him, yet more than ever he hurried to keep appointments with those who had sought his aid. In the words of St. Paul
the love of Christ drove him on.
11 July 1980




曾 在 本 港 教 區 服 務 逾 五 十 年 之 宗 座 外 方 傳 教 會 會 士 穀 祿 師 神 父 , 於 一 九 八 0 年 六 月 廿 九 日 蒙 主 寵 召 , 病 逝 於 義 大 利 宗 座 外 方 傳 教 會 安 老 院 , 享 年 八 十 八 歲 。

本 港 宗 座 外 方 傳 教 會 定 於 本 月 十 五 日 (星 期 二) 下 午 六 時 正 假 港 島 花 園 聖 若 瑟 堂 為 穀 祿 師 神 父 舉 行 追 思 彌 撒 , 歡 迎 各 堂 區 教 友 及 友 好 參 加 。

按 : 穀 神 父 於 一 八 九 二 年 元 月 廿 七 日 出 生 , 一 九 0 八 年 十 月 進 入 蒙 薩 教 區 修 院 , 一 九 一 五 年 五 月 廿 九 日 在 米 蘭 晉 鐸 。

一 九 二 0 年 九 月 , 穀 神 父 有 志 到 遠 方 傳 教 , 故 此 加 入 了 宗 座 外 方 傳 教 會 。

一 九 二 一 年 , 穀 神 父 奉 派 來 港 , 曾 在 西 貢 、 大 埔 、 寶 安 、 惠 州 等 地 傳 教 ; 一 九 四 八 年 任 港 島 聖 若 瑟 堂 主 任 司 鐸 ; 其 後 出 任 教 區 秘 書 長 ; 一 九 五 五 年 再 調 任 九 龍 聖 德 肋 撒 堂 助 理 司 鐸 。

至 一 九 七 七 年 四 月 , 因 年 老 體 弱 , 乃 奉 命 返 回 義 大 利 退 休 , 在 宗 座 外 方 傳 教 會 安 老 院 安 享 晚 年。
1980 年 7 月 11 日


──穀祿師 陳伯良

讀 公 教 報 , 知 穀 祿 師 神 父 與 陳 伯 良 神 父 皆 不 幸 逝 世 矣 ! 然 二 位 神 父 , 甚 平 易 近 人 , 良 善 仁 慈 , 如 同 一 人 。

回 憶 我 國 抗 戰 時 , 沿 海 被 封 鎖 , 惟 香 港 新 界 大 埔 至 鯊 魚 涌 , 尚 有 渡 輪 來 往 。 筆 者 當 年 由 海 豐 梅 隴 步 行 至 鯊 魚 涌 海 旁 , 日 已 過 午 , 遭 日 機 空 襲 ; 筆 者 不 得 已 , 泅 水 至 該 輪 , 及 攀 上 船 面 , 已 全 身 盡 濕 矣 。 船 已 滿 座 , 立 即 開 行 , 穀 神 父 見 狀 , 快 步 而 出 , 攜 筆 者 至 其 座 位 , 且 告 之 曰 : 「坐 ! 我 上 頂 樓 , 你 不 可 上 , 因 日 機 見 華 人 , 必 掃 射 。」 筆 者 唯 俯 首 聽 命 , 又 從 容 更 衣 飲 食 焉 。 如 是 大 恩 大 德 , 沒 齒 不 忘 !

及 香 港 淪 陷 , 陳 伯 良 神 父 適 傳 教 於 惠 陽 三 多 祝 , 海 陸 二 縣 在 港 之 難 民 回 鄉 , 多 經 此 處 ; 陳 神 父 對 無 論 教 友 或 非 教 友 , 均 一 一 照 顧 , 使 之 膳 宿 無 缺 , 皆 安 抵 家 園 。 至 今 兩 邑 遺 老 , 猶 津 津 樂 道 。

鳴 呼 ! 愛 人 之 深 、 待 人 之 厚 , 若 二 位 神 父 者 , 吾 不 多 見 也 !
1980 年 7 月 25 日

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