Bro. SUN, Subran FMS


* 1916  9  30 日在中國河北 (Hupeh) 出生
* 1939
 8 月在中國北京 (Beijing) 入會
* 1941
 8  15 日在北京宣發初願
* 1946
 8  15 日在北京宣發終身願
* 1975-1984
* 1984
 3  19 日在香港逝世
# 按照聖母小昆仲會提供資料為準

Death of Brother Subran Sun, F.M.S.

Brother Subran Sun, FMS, Vice Superior of St. Francis Xavier College, Kowloon, died in Caritas Medical Centre on the Feast of St. Joseph, 19 March 1984.

Brother Sun joined the Marist Brothers on 15 August 1941. In the following 43 years he served in Marist houses in China, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. He was a man of few words and never became a public figure; but the list of his appointments bears testimony to the high value his fellow Marists put upon his wisdom, high abilities, his hard work, his devotion, his utter dependability - teacher, principal, administrator, superior, provincial councilor and provincial bursar. His chief pastime was ever deeper study of the Bible.

He bore his long last illness with a patience, resignation and intense prayer that was characteristic. His last greeting to his fellow Marists was:
My Brothers. Goodbye! Strive for perfection, love one another, live in peace, and the God of Life will be with you.
30 March 1984

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