Rev. BENVENGNU, Tarcisius OFM

* Birth in Agordo (阿戈爾多), Belluno (貝盧諾), Northern Italy: [14 December 1911]
Ordination: [26 May 1934]
* Death in Bologna (波隆那), Italy (意大利): [28 February 1969]

# Information according to "Necrologium Fratrum Minorum in Sinis"


Father Tarcisius Benvegun, O.F.M., collaborator of the Studium Biblicum, Kennedy Road, died on 28 February 1969 in Bologna.

Born in 1911 in Northern Italy, in the Diocese of Belluo, he joined the Franciscan Order in early youth and was ordained priest in 1934. After his studies of Sacred Scripture in Rome and Jerusalem he taught theology in the seminary of his province. In 1947 he arrived in Peking and from 1949 onward he devoted himself as expert in biblical languages to the translation of the Bible in Hong Kong. For a few years he taught also Sacred Scripture in the diocesan Seminary of Aberdeen. In 1967 because of a serious illness he had to return to Italy where he spent his last years on the sock-bed.

14 March 1969

Necrologium Fratrum Minorum in Sinis, O.F.M Hong Kong.,1978.
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