Bro. MORE, Wilfred FSC

Photo: FSC

* Birth in Savoy (薩瓦省), France (法國): [28 January 1886]
* Enter Novitiate in France: [1903]
* Arrival in Hong Kong: [22 June 1908]
* Take Vows in Manila (
馬尼拉): [19 February 1914]
* Service in Hong Kong: [1908-1912], [1914-1920], [1933-1960]
* Death in Hong Kong: [27 July 1960]

# Information according to FSC

Brother Wilfred, F.S.C.

Brother Wilfred, F.S.C., of La Salle College, died in St. Teresa’s Hospital, Kowloon, on 27 July 1960, aged 74.

He was born in French Savoy and came to Hong Kong half a century ago as a young Brother. Apart from short periods in Malaya and the Philippines, he spent all his active life in Hong Kong. He taught for a time at St. Joseph’s College and later became headmaster of the Chatham Road branch of St. Joseph’s. He then moved to La Salle College, where he spent all the later years of his life.

His Lordship the Bishop officiated at his funeral on Thursday, 28 July.
5 August


By T.L. (S.J.C.)

On the morning of 27 July at 12:30 Rev. Bro. Wilfred - the man with the beard, as he is popularly known – passed away in St. Theresa’s Hospital. 74 years of age, Bro. Wilfred had been a teacher in general subjects in La Salle College for 40 years, before which he was headmaster of the Chatham Road Branch of St. Joseph’s College. Born in Savoy, Bro. Wilfred was a Frenchman, and the teacher of a number of prominent people in Hong Kong.

The funeral took place at Catholic Cemetery, Happy Valley, and the service was officiated by His Lordship Mgr. Lawrence Bianchi. Brothers of La Salle and St. Joseph’s College, and a number of past and present students and teachers of the two colleges were present.
5 August

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