Sr. CLEMENTS, Anne (Famula) MM


* 1906  2  20 在美國 (U.S.A.) 出生
* 1925
 4  29 在美國入會
* 1930
 12  8 日宣發永願
* 1937 年抵港
* 1991
12 17 日在美國紐約 (New York) 逝世
# 按照瑪利諾女修會提供資料為準

Sister Anne Clements M.M.

Maryknoll Sister Anne Clements (Famula) died at the Sisters’ Center in New York, USA, on 17 December 1991, at the age of 65.

Sister Famula came to Hong Kong from Manchuria in 1937 and taught at Maryknoll Convent School until the outbreak of the Second World War.

During the War, because of her knowledge of the Japanese language, learned in Manchuria, she served as translator in camps and later was allowed to live under “soft internment” in Macau.

After the War she returned to Hong Kong, first to teach in Maryknoll Sisters’ School, then situated on Caine Road, and later to be Principal of Holy Spirit Primary School in Kwun Tong.

Subsequently she served as coordinator of Educational programmers at Our Lady of Maryknoll Hospital and at Caritas On Lok Yuen Youth Centre. She left Hong Kong in 1972 when she was assigned to ministries in the United States.

Sister Famula’s mission life was marked by special dedication to poorer and less fortunate students and to the needs of the whole person.

She voluntarily undertook training in counseling and communication skills in order to serve as a group counselor and to enable persons to communicate better with each other and to develop greater self-confidence and self-respect.

She kept in ongoing contact with the many students she had taught over the years and with Russian, polish and Jewish friends she had known in Manchuria.

Sister Famula celebrated her Diamond Jubilee as a Maryknoll Sister in 1985. After her funeral liturgy, she was interred at Maryknoll Sisters’ cemetery at the Sisters’ Center in New York.
17 January 1992

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