Sr. TCHAN, Anna de Jesus SPC


* 1912  2  18 Saint-Benoit, 留尼旺島 (Reunion Island) 出生
* 1934
 4  11 日在香港入會
* 1937
 8  28 日在香港發願
* 1937 - 1948, 1949 - 1965 
1974 - 1996 年在香港服務
* 1996
 12  8 日在香港逝世

# 按照爾德聖保祿女修會提供資料為準

Sister Anna Tchan S.P.C.

On 8 December 1996, Sister Anna Tchan, a Sister of St. Paul de Chartres, returned to the Lord at the age of 84. Of Chinese and French parentage, Sister Anna was born in Saint-Benoit, Reunion Island in 1912. At the age of 22 she entered the Novitiate of the Sisters of St. Paul de Chartres in Hong Kong.

Since her first profession, Sister Anna devoted herself to serving the sick and the poor until sickness forced her to retire at the age of 78. Except for a year’s break in 1948-1949 when she took care of the orphans in Macau, she worked in hospitals all her life. She began and ended her 53 years of active apostolic life form 1937 to 1990 as a nurse at St. Teresa’s Hospital.

In 1938 she was assigned to St. Paul’s Hospital where her courage and compassion would be put to the test. During the war, she and the nursing Sisters took care of many wounded soldiers and citizens in extremely difficult conditions. For this, they were awarded by the Queen of England, through the Governor of Hong Kong, the Medal of Outstanding Service.

At the end of 1965, as a response to a demand for health care service and pastoral need in Taiwan, the Sister of St. Paul opened St. Paul’s Hospital in Taoyuan to help the farmers and the poor of that area. It was at this time that Sister Anna was asked to help. She responded promptly, and thus she was one of the pioneer Sisters at St. Paul’s Hospital in Taiwan. She was to work there for eight years. In 1974 she was again back in Hong Kong, this time at St. Teresa’s Hospital.

All her life, Sister Anna had been a person of zeal and straight-forwardness. Many priest and Sisters were the recipients of her loving care and concern. Sister Anna gave every patient her constant devotion taking care even of their slightest need. Many times she would forget her meal when attending to them. She gave herself totally to her patients, not only out of concern for their physical needs but for their spiritual needs as well.

Forgetful of self, she neglected her own health. When she could not carry on anymore, she retired in 1990 to St. Paul’s Convent in Causeway Bay. Her illness, however, did not prevent her from exercising her characteristic charity and generosity to those who were taking care of her. Sister Anna spent the last six years of her life mainly confined to a wheelchair. She was in much pain which, according to a priest-protégé, she offered for others and for vocations.

Promotion of vocation was an issue close to her heart. Due to her influence and example as a religious, two of her nephews became priests. A niece entered the Missioners Dominica del Rosario in Macau. As a sign of his gratitude, one of her nephews - Father Joseph Chiang who is in charge of the Pastoral Centre for the Chinese of North America - came all the way from him USA to preside at the funeral Mass of his beloved aunt.

May God grant her eternal rest.
 27 December 1996

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