Sr. SICARDI, Cesarina FDCC

Photo: FDCC

* 1909  10  1 日在意大利 (Italy) 因佩里亞 (Imperia) 出生
* 1932
 3  18 日在意大利維梅爾卡泰 (Vimercate) 入會
* 1934
 9  30 日在維梅爾卡泰發願
* 1934
 11  3 日抵港
* 1994
 2  2 日在香港逝世
# 按照嘉諾撒仁愛女修會提供資料為準

Mother Cesarina Sicardi F.D.C.C.

Mother Cesarina was serene and at peace as the end approached. Being a professional nurse, she fully realized the extent of her illness, and yet she maintained a calm which was, to say the least, extraordinary. When asked whether she needed anything, be it spiritual or material, her answer would always be a sweet “No, it is all right!” About a week before she returned to God she wished to see the whole Community: Our Lady had asked her to tell her Sisters that she was grateful for all they had done to her. She begged the pardon of all for anything she might have done against charity: we were all touched to tears.

Cesarina was born at Albenga on 1 October 1909 into a well off family from which, as she liked to say, she learnt to be responsible and straight forward. In 1932 she joined the Novitiate at Vimercate and, after her Profession in September 1934; she immediately left for Hong Kong. Being already qualified from the Pavia Polyclinic she wasted no time in getting involved at the old Canossa Hospital. When this was bombed and transferred to the Regional House in Caine Road in 1942, Mother Cesarina too was transferred and was placed at its head.

In 1949 when the Canossa Hospital passed to Ling Yuet Sin, Sacred Heart Convent, Mother Cesarina once again was placed in charge. After a brief visit to Italy in 1955, her first in 21 years, she returned to her work. In 1964 she was assigned to Caritas Medical Centre, Radiology Department, where she remained till her retirement in 1978.

Honeyville saw her as the methodical and dedicated Sacristan of the Community. Requested in 1982 by Caritas Medical Centre to return there for some pastoral work, after the death of the unforgettable Mother Giovanna Cosma, she readily accepted and for two years she dedicated herself to this fruitful apostolate, only to return to Honeyville in 1984. In May 1991 she joined Villa Bakhita. It was from here that the Lord called her to himself, after a painful Calvary which she ascended meekly and lovingly, to the edification of us all.
25 February 1994



嘉 諾 撒 仁 愛 女 修 會 施 素 華 修 女 , 在 一 九 0 九 年 十 月 一 日 生 於 意 大 利 Albenga 一 個 富 裕 的 家 庭 , 自 幼 接 受 優 良 的 家 庭 教 育 。 一 九 三 二 年 加 入 嘉 諾 撒 仁 愛 女 修 會 , 一 九 三 四 年 發 初 願 後 即 被 派 到 香 港 , 從 事 護 理 及 X  光 部 門 等 工 作 , 先 後 服 務 於 嘉 諾 撒 醫 院 、 總 會 院 、 明 愛 醫 院 、 凌 月 仙 團 體 及 摩 星 嶺 團 體 等 。 一 九 九 一 年 五 月 , 施 修 女 因 年 高 而 退 居 於 該 會 的 安 老 院 , 以 祈 禱 、 編 織 手 工 等 事 奉 上 主 。 近 數 月 來 , 施 修 女 雖 因 疾 病 而 需 多 臥 床 休 息 , 但 她 始 終 保 持 祥 和 與 平 安 , 令 人 深 受 感 動 。 一 九 九 四 年 二 月 二 日 清 晨 , 施 修 女 平 安 地 回 歸 天 父 的 懷 抱 , 享 年 八 十 五 歲 。

該 會 請 大 家 為 施 修 女 祈 禱 , 祈 望 上 主 賞 報 她 永 的 福 樂 ; 亦 求 她 為 我 們 轉 禱 ; 好 能 學 習 她 愛 主 愛 人 的 德 表
1994 年 2 月 25 日

先賢錄--香港天主教神職及男女修會會士 (1841-2010), 天主教香港教區檔案處, 2010.
先賢錄--香港天主教神職及男女修會會士 (1841-2016), 天主教香港教區檔案處, 2016.