Sr. TURNER, Dominic Marie MM


* 1901  5  29 日在英屬圭亞那 (Br. Guiana) 出生
* 1926
 10  15 日在千里達 (Trinidad) 入會
* 1932  4  30 日宣發永願
* 1937 年 來華
* 1971  3  5 日在香港逝世
# 按照瑪利諾女修會提供資料為準

Death of Sister Dominic Marie Turner M.M.

Sister Dominic Marie Turner, a veteran of the Maryknoll Sister’s apostolate in China and Hong Kong, died at Maryknoll Hospital, Wong Tai Sin, on Friday, 5 March 1971.

Sister Dominic Marie was born in Trinidad. She joined the Maryknoll Sisters, and in 1937 was assigned to China. She cared for the sick in Pingnam, and the surrounding Kwangsi villages until 1944, when the hazards of war forced her to leave.

After the war she took charge of the small hospital and dispensary in Toishan, Kwangtung province, in the diocese of Kongmoon. Probably because she was a British subject, she was not expelled with the other Sisters and for some months she was the only foreigner in the whole diocese. In June 1952, she was confined to the hospital under the eye of a woman agent who reported every act of the Sister. She was given barely enough food to keep her alive and was well aware of the constant efforts that were being made to work up hatred of her in preparation for a public trial. The local public address system broadcast such succulent accusations as that she had killed three thousand babies in her orphanage. (she had, in fact, never worked in an orphanage.) She grew so thin that her doctor diagnosed cancer and recommended her removal to Canton, where she received more humane treatment. Her health recovered and she was allowed to teach domestic sciences to some young girls. Eventually the British consul got her a visa and she left for Hong Kong on 14 January 1953, the last Maryknoll Sister to leave China.

In Hong Kong she was in charge of Medical Social Work until declining health forced her to retire.

She was buried in Happy Valley on Sunday, 7 March.
12 March 1971

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