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* 1902  2  5 日在意大利 (Italy) (Milan) 塞納戈 (Senago) 出生
* 1927
 3 18 日在意大利維梅爾卡泰 (Vimercate) 入會
* 1928
 10  6 日在維梅爾卡泰發願
* 1929
 1  13 日抵港
* 1982
 5  19 日在香港逝世
# 按照嘉諾撒仁愛女修會提供資料為準

Death of Sister Erminia Cattaneo F.D.C.C.

Sister Erminia Cattaneo of the Canossian Daughters of Charity went serenely to her reward on 19 May 1982, from the Canossa Hospital, after a few months illness, borne with edifying patience.

Sister Erminia was born in the Diocese of Milan, eighty years ago. At twenty-four, she left the “Ospedale Maggiore” in Milan, where she was an experienced nurse, to join the Canossian Novitiate for the Missions. After her first Vows, in 1929, she was sent to Hong Kong, where she continued to exercise her profession, as nurse, at our various hospitals and dispensaries.

While at Weichow, during the war years, she experienced a terrible raid, in which the Superior was killed and she herself was miraculously discovered under the rubble just in time. For the rest of her life she suffered the consequences in one of her legs.

Thenceforth, her apostolate was not in the frontline, but in the rear. She participated fully in the Community work and apostolate, as an angel of little attentions, ever silent, meek, and prompt with her service, with her modest, gentle and beaming presence that spoke of heaven.
 28 May 1982

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