Sr. MITCHELL, Francoise de la Croix SPC

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* 1913  12  30 日在愛爾蘭 (Ireland) 出生
* 1937
 9  4 日在法國 (France) 入會
* 1940
 8  28 日在法國發願
* 1951 - 1985
* 2011
 2  13 日在愛爾蘭逝世

# 按照爾德聖保祿女修會提供資料為準

Farewell to long serving missionary

A former missionary to Hong Kong, Irish Sister Françoise de la Croix Mitchell, of the Sisters of St. Paul de Chartres, died peacefully in Dublin on 13 February 2011. She was 97-years-old.

Born in County Derry in 1913, Sister Mitchell entered the congregation in Chartres, France, in 1937. After a brief stay in Kunming, China, she arrived in Hong Kong in 1951, where she worked as a nurse, with much love and dedication at St Paul’s Hospital for 13 years and then at St Teresa’s Hospital for another 11, until she left for England in 1985.

Sister Mitchell will be remembered for her cheerfulness and dedication in caring for the sick. Always wearing a happy smile no matter how busy she was, she loved not only the patients, but the hospital staff as well. She showed kindness and compassion, even in small things. It came naturally to her, whether helping a patient get in or out of a taxi, or stopping the lift for a patient or a doctor. She always had a kind word for everyone and was always available for others.

After Sister Mitchell left Hong Kong, she continued her loving service for the elderly at the Queen of Peace Centre in Dublin, until her retirement. May she rest in peace!

 27 February 2011

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