依 黛修女


* 1882  8  26 日在意大利 (Italy) 烏甸尼 (Udine) 莫爾泰利亞諾 (Mortegliano) 出生
* 1908
 2  2 日在意大利帕維亞 (Pavia) 入會
* 1910
 11  1 日在帕維亞發願
* 1912
 12  5 日抵港
* 1963
 3  12 日在香港逝世

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Death of Mother Ida F.D.C.C.

Mother Ida Tamburlini of the Canossian Sisters died in the infirmary of the Canossian Delegation, 36 Caine Road, on 12 March 1963, aged 80.

Mother Ida was born in Italy on 26 August 1882. She joined the Canossian Institute at the age of 24 and in 1912 came to Hong Kong, where she spent the rest of her long life.

Her first 26 years here were devoted to educational work. For the remaining 24 she was Procurator of the Canossian Delegation.

Her great abilities and her unfailing and unaffected charity won her a unique place in the life of Hong Kong.
15 March 1963


Death of Reverend Mother Ida

Reverend Mother Ida Tamburlini of the Canossian Sisters died peacefully at the infirmary of the Delegation House, 36 Caine Road, on 12 March 1963, aged 80 - companionable and serene in her last moments as she had been throughout her long and busy life.

Mother Ida was born at Mortegliano in the province of Udine, Italy, on 26 August 1882, the only girl in a huge family. When questioned in her old age about her remarkable power of dealing with every variety of man and woman, she averred that after playing as a child with fourteen brothers, she had found it child’s play to deal with the rest of the world.

In 1908 she entered the Canossian Novitiate at Pavia. Later she volunteered for missionary work, and arrived in Hong Kong December 1912.

She worked here with gay indefatigability for fifty years - fifty years of selfless generosity towards every one of every king who needed her help. To be able to give to all who asked, material help or timely and original advice, whichever was required was her great joy and her reward. Mother Ida would leave no stone unturned to satisfy the requests of friends or of strangers - and she could always find a stone to turn. To please all, to do a favour to everyone who turned to her for some assistance was the breath of life to her.

In her earlier years here she worked in Sacred Heart School, moudling generations of young people who would throughout their lives carry in their hearts the memory of Mother Ida. From 1924 to 1938 she was Directress of the large Boarding School - and office which gave full scope to her motherly understanding of the girls.

In 1938 she was made procurator of the Canossian Delegation a post in which she displayed the utmost competence and care till almost her last days. Her new work brought her into contact with a wider range of people - no longer school girls, but officials in practically every department in the colony.

The Japanese occupation during World War II posed grave procuratorial problems. Mother Ida was equal to the occasion. From offices where others were glad to be let off with a rebuff, she would come out not with a smile but also with a sack of rice. Even the sternest official yielded to Mother Ida’s combination of reasonableness, good humour, and strength. She did not always get what she wanted with out a struggle, but she was quite ready to struggle for the needs of her orphans, her community, or anyone else whose needs had been recommended to her care.

After the war she became a power in many a government office and her delight in cutting through red tape frequently proved infectious. She herself would attribute her successes to the friendliness and good sense of those she dealt with. They were often ready to admit that it was Mother Ida who had made them so friendly and so sensible. Only a completely unworldly woman could be such a woman of the world.

Her boundless charity towards the poor was proverbial. She saw in them the image of the Lord whom she served unswervingly for 54 years. To Him alone she looked for a reward, but she also received her hundredfold in the friendships that her unaffected charity won for her.

Her death is a great loss to the Canossian Community, and to the community at large.
15 March 1963



嘉 諾 撒 女 修 會 依 黛 修 女 於 一 九 六 三 年 三 月 十 二 日 病 逝 堅 道 修 院 , 享 年 八 十 歲 。 修 女 於 一 九 一 二 年 來 港 工 作 迄 今 , 前 後 逾 五 十 年 。
1963 年 3 月 22 日

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