Sr. COGLIATI, Julia (Giulia) FDCC

Photo: FDCC

* 1891  4  11 日在意大利 (Italy) 科莫 (Como) 諾瓦泰 (Novate) 出生
* 1909
 7  16 日在意大利帕維亞 (Pavia) 入會
* 1912
 8  15 日在帕維亞發願
* 1912
 12  5 日抵港
* 1981
 4  19 日在香港逝世
# 按照嘉諾撒仁愛女修會提供資料為準


Death of Mother Julia Cogliati F.D.C.C.

Mother Julia Cogliati went to her eternal reward in the first hour of Easter morning, 19 April 1981, aged 90. She had spent 71 years in religious life.

She arrived in Hong Kong, the field of her missionary activities, in 1912 and never returned to her native Italy.

As a young missionary she was distinguished by the dauntless courage, decisive character and clear-mindedness which maintained to the end of her life.

She exercised her apostolate chiefly with the boarders who were very numerous then, with some intervening years with the orphans and teaching in school.

From 1933 to 1938 she was directness of St. Beatrice Boarding School in Caine Road.

During the war she was the superintendent of the refugees who were billeted by the government, and she had the difficult task, then, looking after the main entrance and controlling movements.

When her health deteriorated she gradually relinquished her activities for a more retired life of prayer. In 1960 she finally entered the infirmary where she spent the last twenty years of her life. Throughout these years her exboarders from Hong Kong and abroad paid her occasional visits, pleased to find she remembered them one by one, was interested in their problems and prayed for them, be they far and near.
 1 May 1981

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