Sr. LILLIS, Lucina SSC


* 1940 年出生
* 1960 年在愛爾蘭 (Ireland) 入會
* 1975
* 2004
10 28 日在愛爾蘭逝世

Sister Lucina Lillis S.S.C.

A dedicated nurse and educator to those with special needs, Columban Sister Lucina Lillis died peacefully at her congregation’s nursing home in Ireland on 28 October 2004. She was 64.

Born in Country Clare she joined the Columban Sisters in Ireland in 1960 and studied nursing before coming to Hong Kong in 1975, where after studying Cantonese language at the East Asia Yale Institute for Languages at the Chinese University of Hong Kong she joined the staff of Ruttonjee Sanatorium. From there she moved to the Caritas Medical Centre as a nursing officer and began her life-long dedication of service to those with special needs. She worked with the PIME priests in the setting up to their series of homes for those with learning difficulties and mental and physical disadvantages and became a founding member of the staff of the Cheshire Home in Shatin.

She also had a great love for the Legion of Mary and was the spiritual director to a presidium and a curia. Sister Lucina left Hong Kong in 1994 and worked on a mission awareness education team in Ireland and later joined the staff of St Anne’s parish in Custom House, East London where she worked with lay missionaries from various parts of the Pacific and Asia helping to welcome yet another group of people with special needs, members of ethnic minorities.

Her final battle with cancer was short. She was cared for in St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London before returning to Ireland where she died quietly with her sisters at her bedside. She is remembered as a person or purpose and vision with a single-minded dedication to those whom she served. God was always the inspiration at the heart of all her efforts and the solace of all her struggles.
21 November 2004



聖 高 隆 龐 傳 教 女 修 會 羅 志 娜 修 女 , 於 二 0 0 四 年 十 月 廿 八 日 因 癌 病 於 愛 爾 蘭 安 息 主 懷 , 享 年 六 十 四 歲 。

羅 志 娜 修 女 一 九 六 0 年 在 愛 爾 蘭 加 入 聖 高 隆 龐 傳 教 女 修 會 , 修 讀 護 理 學 後 於 一 九 七 五 年 來 港 , 先 後 服 務 於 防 癆 會 律 敦 治 醫 院 和 明 愛 醫 院 , 照 顧 有 需 要 人 士 。

羅 修 女 又 與 宗 座 外 方 傳 教 會 的 神 父 合 作 , 協 助 開 辦 家 舍 , 服 務 有 學 習 困 難 、 身 體 或 智 力 有 障 礙 的 人 士 ; 其 後 又 成 為 「沙 田 慈 氏 護 養 院」 的 創 院 同 工 。 留 港 期 間 , 修 女 亦 有 參 與 聖 母 軍 , 協 助 信 眾 靈 性 生 活 。  

修 女 一 九 九 四 年 離 港 返 回 愛 爾 蘭 , 先 後 從 事 教 育 、 堂 區 和 其 他 牧 民 工 作 。
2004 年 12 月 5 日

先賢錄--香港天主教神職及男女修會會士 (1841-2010), 天主教香港教區檔案處, 2010.
先賢錄--香港天主教神職及男女修會會士 (1841-2016), 天主教香港教區檔案處, 2016.