Sr. MEDINA, Liliana FDCC
文 修 女

Photo: FDCC

* 1924 4 8 在香港出生
* 1944 年
 8  1 日在澳門 (Macau) 入會
* 1947  8  14 日在澳門發願
* 2007
10 22 日在美國 (U.S.A.) 阿布奎基 (Albuquerque) 逝世

# 按照耶穌寶血女修會提供資料為準


Canossian provincial remembered as wise counsellor and friend
Sr. Liliana Medina F.D.C.C.

Hong Kong born Sister Liliana Medina FDCC, a former provincial superior of the Daughters of Charity of the Canossian Institute, died of a heart attack between 1:00 to 1:30am in the early hours of 22 October 2007 in her room at the Cristo Rey Convent, Albuquerque, New Mexico, the United States of America (US).

Born 1924, Sister Liliana was the eldest of 11 children in a Portuguese Catholic family. After the Second World War, she joined the Institute of the Canossian Daughters of Charity in Macau and, following her first profession in 1947, was assigned to work in education.

She later became the principal and superior of the Sacred Heart Canossian College, Macau. In 1967, she continued her work in The Philippines where she served with great zeal and love. Then in 1973, she was named provincial superior of Hong Kong. At the end of her six-year term, she worked as the superior of Pui Tak community.

In 1984, she was assigned to the US province where she spent the rest of her years.

Sister Liliana was acknowledged by her contemporaries as a capable and spiritual sister with a spirit of service. As an educator, she was committed to the young. Even after leaving school, she kept in close contact with past students and teachers, offering spiritual support and wise advice during difficult moments in their lives. She was a spiritual leader as well as an understanding and practical person. With an open mind, she listened and acted. She had a vision for the future.

Following her arrival in the US, Sister Liliana adapted quickly to her new life, she constantly went on walks to keep herself healthy, making herself available for various community tasks and apostolatse.

Wherever and whenever she was sent in the province, she was ready to fill in the gaps, bringing peace and support to each community. Sisters in authority always sought her out for her words of wisdom. Her serenity, kindness and loving attitude inspired people to see and praise God’s goodness.

She was active with her past students with whom she kept up a faithful correspondence. They remember her with deep affection and gratitude. This year, her annual newsletter was ready for printing a few days before she died.

Sister Lilians’s funeral on 31 October in Albuquerque, was well attended by relatives and past students. Mass was also offered for her by her sisters and past students in Hong Kong on 29 October and 6 November, at the Chapel of Canossian Missions, Caine Road.

We ask the Lord to bless and reward his faithful servant a hundredfold and grant her eternal bliss with him in paradise!
18 November 2007

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