* Arrival in Hong Kong: [1959]
* Death in Wicklow (威克洛), Ireland (
愛爾蘭): [30 January 1985]

Sister Margaret O’Sullivan SSC

News has been received of the death of Sister M. Margaret O’Sullivan on 30 January 1985, after a brief illness. She returned to Ireland on the 1 December 1984 and died at the Motherhouse, of the Columban Sisters, Wicklow, Ireland.

Sister Margaret came to Hong Kong in 1959 and over a period of 25 years served the sick as a Sister-Radiographer in the Ruttonjee Sanatorium and the Duchess of Kent Children’s Hospital.

She was deeply concerned for the growth and development of the Church in Hong Kong. This was reflected in her active participation in the Diocesan Convention and later by her contribution to the Association of Major Superiors of Women Religious over several years. She was actively involved in the Legion of Mary, serving as Spiritual Director of a presidium over many years. In recent years, she was associated with the Charismatic Renewal Movement, whose Prayer Meetings she regularly attended.

Sister Margaret was deeply interested in and concerned for the well-being of the staff and patients, and their families. She is remembered especially for her deep faith, her spirit of prayer and her unfailing kindness to all whom she met.

We feel sure she has heard the Lord’s words: “Well done, thou good and faithful servant”.
8 February 1985

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