Sr. SHEN, Marietta RGS


* 1927  3  15 日在中國北京 (Beijing) 出生
* 1958
 2  6 日在美國 (U.S.A.) 洛杉磯 (Los Angeles) 入會
* 1960
 9  8 日在美國洛杉磯發願
* 1961 - 2000
* 2000
 12  23 日在香港逝世
# 按照善牧會提供資料為準

Sister Marietta Shen RGS

 “As a child rests..”
A tribute from her sisters in Christ

Our dear Sister Marietta Shen slipped peacefully into the arms of the Good Shepherd on the evening of 23 December 2000 after a long and trying illness. Sister Marietta was born in Beijing, China on 15 March 1927. Sister came to know the Good Shepherd Sisters in Shanghai and the desire to offer her life in the service of the lost sheep prompted her to follow the Sisters out to Hong Kong where she was tested by a long aspirancy due to frail health. 1958 she entered the novitiate in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. and made her First Profession on 8 September 1960. She made her Final Vows in Quezon City, Philippines on 31 May 1966.

Outwardly there was nothing remarkable about Sister Marietta’s life. She worked with difficult teenage girls in Hong Kong from 1960 to 1978. In 1978 she was missioned to Macau where for ten years she was in charge of a small hostel for young girls from broken families. She returned to Hong Kong in 1987 but in 1990 was again assigned to Macau where she helped in our Good Shepherd Crisis Centre for women until 1998 when she was hospitalized in Hong Kong.

Behind the simple facts of her life is the story of a beautiful little person with a big, loving heart. Sister Marietta touched many lives in a significant and lasting way. She impressed all those who came to know her by her simple, humble manner and her invariable kindness to anyone in need. She was a true mother to the girls in her care and followed them with affectionate concern long after they left the Good Shepherd home.

During the last tens years of her life her health became increasingly frail and her physical movements were affected by a serious curvature of the spine. However, her zeal for souls energized her and she was happy to be able to have an active ministry in Macau. Although she seldom left the house, so many women and children came to know her and to love her. She never spared herself and would spend long hours listening to the women pour out their sad stories. She was truly the “listening heart” of Our Centre, a small, faithful presence, always available, always interested, always ready to do what she could to be of help.

She not only touched the lives of the many girls and women to whom she ministered but she also deeply touched the lives of the Sisters with whom she lived in the community. We treasure the memory of her life in our midst.

She had s simple but deep spirituality best summed up in one of her favorite invocations: “Jesus, may your heart be my heart.” She asked little but gave much and was always grateful for any kindness shown to her. We know she was especially grateful to the pastoral care workers in Ruttonjee, Grantham and Queen Mary Hospitals who were so attentive and supportive in her hour of need.
14 January 2001



善 牧 會 沈 綺 華 修 女 長 時 間 與 病 魔 對 抗 後 , 於 二 0 0 0 年 十 二 月 廿 三 日 傍 晚 安 息 善 牧 懷 中 。

沈 修 女 一 九 二 七 年 三 月 十 五 日 生 於 北 京 , 後 於 上 海 接 觸 到 善 牧 會 的 修 女 , 決 志 奉 獻 自 己 , 並 跟 隨 修 女 來 到 香 港 , 然 而 此 期 間 她 不 斷 受 到 體 弱 的 磨 練 。 到 一 九 五 八 年 , 她 在 美 國 加 州 羅 省 進 初 學 , 六 0 年 九 月 八 日 矢 發 初 願 , 六 六 年 五 月 卅 一 日 在 菲 律 賓 奎 松 巿 宣 發 永 願 。

一 九 六 0 年 至 七 八 年 間 她 在 香 港 協 助 有 困 難 的 少 女 , 後 獲 派 往 澳 門 負 責 一 間 宿 舍 照 顧 家 庭 破 碎 的 少 女 。 工 作 十 年 後 曾 於 一 九 八 七 年 被 調 回 香 港 , 九 0 年 她 再 次 派 往 澳 門 , 協 助 善 牧 會 婦 女 危 機 中 心 的 工 作 , 直 至 一 九 九 八 年 回 港 就 醫 。

沈 修 女 離 世 前 十 年 , 健 康 不 斷 惡 化 , 又 因 脊 骨 彎 曲 而 不 良 於 行 。 但 是 , 她 拯 救 人 靈 的 熱 誠 使 她 充 滿 力 量 。 她 會 長 時 間 聆 聽 婦 女 的 傷 心 往 事 , 堪 稱 是 眾 人 的 「聆 聽 之 心。」

她 一 生 度 著 簡 單 而 具 深 度 的 靈 修 生 活 , 就 如 她 所 愛 的 金 句 : 「耶 穌 , 請 使 我 的 心 成 為 你 的 心 。」 願 她 的 靈 魂 安 息 。
2001 年 1 月 14 日

先賢錄--香港天主教神職及男女修會會士 (1841-2010), 天主教香港教區檔案處, 2010.
先賢錄--香港天主教神職及男女修會會士 (1841-2016), 天主教香港教區檔案處, 2016.