Sr. FLINN, Mary Francis RGS
丁 修 女


* 1901  1  20 日在美國 (U.S.A.) 紐約 (New York) Brooklyn 出生
* 1923
 9 月在美國入會
* 1935 年來華
* 1999
* 1999
 2  27 日在香港逝世
# 按照善牧會提供資料為準


Sister Mary Francis Flinn, RGS

 Sister Mary Francis Flinn was born on 20 January 1901 in Brooklyn, New York, the twelfth child of immigrant parents. Strong faith was treasured and nurtured in the Flinn family which produced three vocations. One of her sisters became a Sister of Saint Joseph and her favourite brother became a diocesan priest, honoured eventually with the title “Monsignor”. Sister Francis entered the Good Shepherd novitiate in New York in September 1923 after graduating from Fordham University with a Master’s degree.

Sister’s missionary aspirations were fulfilled when she sailed for Shanghai in 1935 and together with two companions, one American and on Canadian, joined the newly established international community of Good Shepherd Sisters in China. Later, as the superiors of the community, Sister was the last Good Shepherd Sister to leave Shanghai in 1952. She wrote her memoirs of those final days during which she experienced God’s presence and guidance in a most tangible way. She often referred to this period, so fraught with difficulties, as the happiest and most grace-filled time of her life.

After leaving China, Sister served as superior of the communities in Los Angeles, California and Manila, Philippines. She was then missioner to Hong Kong, back to her beloved Chinese, where she was once again superior and gave her attention to the establishment of Marycove centre.

All her life Sister was an ardent evangelizer and when she retired she continued to preach the good news by doing bible study with individual pupils. The rest of her time was spent working in the garden, an activity which she believed nurtured contemplation. Her love for the China mission was unwavering and news of China never failed to fan her zeal. Almost every conversation included some reference to the church in China and she loved to repeat some uplifting story she had read or heard. When she could not do anything else, she prayed rosaries and collected rosaries to be sent through any visitor to the Catholic in Mainland China.

Sister suffered much in her sunset years as her hearing became impaired and her eyesight failed. Her brilliant, active mind remained clear and although very weak, she was mentally alert for the celebration of her 98 birthday on 20 January of this year. Sister Francis had a great devotion to the Way of the Cross which she made daily. The Eucharist was central in her life and she participated in daily Mass up to the very end despite her weak condition.

Sister died peacefully at 2:10am on Saturday, 27 February 1999. Her fervour and zeal were an inspiration example and her fellow religious thank God for this valiant woman and for her 75 years of consecrated life as a Good Shepherd Sister A prayer she loved to repeat was from Isaiah 40:31, “Trust in the Lord; You shall not tire. Serve the Lord; You Shall not weaken. For the Lord’s own strength will uphold you. You shall renew your life and live.”

May our loving Shepherd welcome her into the banquet of eternal life!
21 March 1999



善 牧 會 方 濟 各 丁 修 女 , 於 一 九 九 九 年 二 月 廿 七 日 (星 期 六) 凌 晨 二 時 十 五 分 逝 世 , 丁 修 女 於 一 九 0 一 年 一 月 二 十 日 出 生 於 紐 約 , 是 十 二 兄 弟 姊 妹 中 最 小 的 一 個 , 父 母 是 從 愛 爾 蘭 移 居 美 國 。 丁 修 女 在 一 九 二 三 年 得 到 碩 士 學 位 , 並 於 同 年 九 月 進 入 善 牧 會 修 道 。

一 九 三 五 年 , 她 和 另 外 兩 位 修 女 被 派 往 中 國 上 海 的 善 牧 會 團 體 , 後 來 更 成 為 該 團 體 的 院 長 。 五 二 年 她 也 是 最 後 一 個 離 開 上 海 的 善 牧 會 修 女 。

離 開 中 國 後 , 她 在 美 國 、 菲 律 賓 不 同 團 體 作 過 院 長 , 後 來 她 被 派 往 香 港 , 曾 當 院 長 及 負 責 創 建 瑪 利 灣 中 心 。

丁 修 女 一 生 充 滿 傳 福 音 的 精 神 。 當 她 退 休 時 , 她 仍 以 個 別 教 授 的 方 法 去 傳 教 , 她 對 中 國 的 熱 愛 從 未 減 輕 , 當 她 體 力 漸 退 時 , 她 便 常 念 玫 瑰 經 , 收 集 玫 瑰 珠 並 分 送 中 國 教 會 的 兄 弟 姊 妹 。
1999 年 3 月 14 日

先賢錄--香港天主教神職及男女修會會士 (1841-2010), 天主教香港教區檔案處, 2010.
先賢錄--香港天主教神職及男女修會會士 (1841-2016), 天主教香港教區檔案處, 2016.