* 1905 6 18 在比利時 (Belgium) 蘭肯貝爾赫 (Blankenberge) 出生
* 1930
年 9 月 29 日入會
* 1935 年 5 月 22 日發願
* 1934 年 6 月 29 日抵港
* 1974 2 11 日在澳門 (Macau) 逝世

Mother Maria Teresa Neirynck

Mother Maria Teresa Neirynck of the Heart of Jesus, the eldest of six children, was born on 18 June 1905 in Blankenberge, Belgium. On 29 September 1930, she entered the Carmel of St. Michael, Bruges. There she lived with Mother Therese of the Child Jesus, the founders of the Carmel of Hong Kong.

The two Mothers had long known each other. So when the call came to the Carmel of St. Michael for help in the new foundation of Hong Kong. Mother Maria Teresa generously responded, and arrived in Hong Kong on 29 June 1934.

Though she was not yet perpetually professed, Mother Maria Teresa showed much maturity in the religious life, and after her perpetual profession on 22 May 1935, she was appointed Sub-prioress, in which office she devoted her talents and energy unstintingly to her Community, and gave every example of the religious and Christian virtues. Although she had a very strong personality, she was always remarkably obedient and submissive, as many of her companions testify. Her fidelity to the Carmelite ideal was also characteristic and made of her a true daughter of St. Teresa of Avila.

When the foundation for Macao was decided on, Mother Maria Teresa was entrusted with the task. As Prioress, she gave herself entirely to her community, although she encountered many problems and trials due to the Japanese War and the difficulties of building a new monastery. With her usual energy and strong spirit of faith she overcame all difficulties. It was her ardent desire to share with all the love of Christ which was burning in her own great heart. She repeatedly said that she would remember her dear friends and help them much more from heaven. Our beloved and much regretted Mother had literally given her whole life to Carmel in China.

For the last three years of her life, her health had been failing. She used that time to prepare herself for her encounter with God. So when the Lord finally called her to Himself, on 11 February the feast day of Our Lady of Lourdes, she was fully prepared and went with a smiling countenance. Her happy smile gives us the hope that she is already enjoying the beatific vision.

Please remember her and us in your dairy prayers.

Yours grateful
Carmelites of the Carmels of Stanley and Macao.
February 1974.

8 March 1974



Mary Teresa Neiynck,加 爾 默 羅 會 修 女 , 一 九 三 五 年 參 與 在 澳 門 的 建 會 工 作 , 當 時 適 值 日 本 侵 華 戰 爭 , 她 憑 著 信 德 克 服 了 重 重 困 難 。 於 一 九 七 四 年 二 月 十 一 日 在 澳 門 逝 世 , 享 年 六 十 九 歲 。
1974 3 月 8 日

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