Year Date Events
1841 22 April Hong Kong with the surrounding six leagues was established as a Prefecture Apostolic, independent from Macao Diocese, with Fr. Theodore Joset (若瑟神父), a Swiss diocesan priest who was the Sacred Congregation of Propaganda Fides representative in Macao, as the first Prefect Apostolic; the first need being the spiritual care of the British (Irish Catholic) Troops, stationed in the just occupied Colony.
1842 22 January Fr. Michael Navarro (納華路神父), a Spanish Franciscan, took up residence as the first Catholic priest in the Colony.
3 March Arrival of Fr. Joset with other priests and seminarians expelled from Macao.
7 June Laying of the foundation stone of the first Church (in Wellington Street) dedicated to the Immaculate Conception (blessed on 11 June 1843, enlarged in 1858-59, burnt down on 18 October 1859, rebuilt and blessed on 18 March 1860).
5 August Death of Fr. Joset.
11 December Fr. Anthony Feliciani (裴神父), an Italian Franciscan, appointed new Prefect Apostolic.
1843 1 February First school for Chinese boys started.
1844   Mission work spread to Stanley and Chaiwan.
1845   St. Francis Chapel built in Wanchai.
1846   The local Seminary started (called Immaculate Conception Seminary in 1888, moved to new premises in front of the Cathedral in 1900).
1847 5 October Mgr. Augustin Forcade (科蒙席), MEP, Vicar Apostolic of Japan, appointed also Pro-Prefect of Hong Kong, helped by other MEP Missionaries, who had just transferred their Procure from Macao.
1848 12 September The first group of St. Paul de Chartres Sisters arrived: took care at once of the foundlings and then of sick and old people in the Asile de la St. Enfance, Wanchai (St. Pauls Institutions, in Tonglowan, were officially opened on 6 October 1916).
1849 - 50   Mission work started in Aberdeen and Tsuen Wan.