Year Date Events
1860-61 @ The boundaries of the Prefecture having been enlarged to include the whole San On District (later, Po On), mission work spread to Kowloon Peninsula (exploratory trips of the inland area: December 1860 and April 1861), to Tai Po area, Sai Kung Peninsula, Nam Tau, etc. (1863-67).
1860 12 April Arrival of the first Canossian Sisters, who started with educational and social services, soon joined by Chinese ladies as Tertiaries (later, Precious Blood Sisters): Italian Convent School (later, Sacred Heart Canossian College) (1 May 1860), Pui Ching Chinese School (10 May 1860).
1861 @ Dominican Fathers established their Procure (started the Noviciate in 1924 and the House of Studies in 1935).
1863 @ West Point Reformatory opened.
12 July St. Vincent de Paul Society established.
1864 @ Holy Saviours College opened.
1867 10 March Death of Prefect Ambrosi.
17 November Fr. Raimondi appointed as successor, with full responsibility for the Prefecture passing to PIME.