Year Date Events
1980 6 August St. Stephens Parish, Ha Kwai Chung, erected (church blessed on 26 December).
1981 15 August St. John the Apostolic Rectory, Sheung Kwai Chung, erected (chapel blessed on 16 June 1983; parish since 3 November 1988).
25 December St. Francis Xavier Rectory, Choi Wan Estate, erected (parish since 3 November 1988).
1982 23 July St. Thomas Rectory, Tsing Yi Island, erected (parish since 14 November 1993).
1983 January Missionary of Charity Sisters arrived for work with outcasts.
29 May New Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Chi Fu Fa Yuen, blessed.
October Societe Des Missions Etrangeres - Quebec PME Fathers arrived for work of evangelization.
2-6 December The Laity Meeting in Asia was held in Hong Kong under the auspices of the Pontifical Council for the Laity, the theme being The Role of the Laity in the Churchs Life and Mission in Asian Society.
1984 15 August In view of the initialling of the Sino-British Joint Declaration on the Question of Hong Kong on 26 September in Beijing, Bishop John B. Wu made a Statement on the Catholic Church and the Future of Hong Kong, underlining the right to religious freedom as a basic human right and expressing the wish that this right and its free exercise be explicitly expressed and effectively guaranteed in the Joint Declaration and in the Basic Law of the future Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The Statement was sent to the Chinese Government through the Hong Kong Branch of the Xinhua News Agency. A similar statement, signed by the leaders of some 200 Hong Kong Anglican and Protestant Churches, was communicated to both the Chinese and British Governments on 31 August.
8 September Bishop John B. Wu issued a pastoral letter exhorting the faithful to show their concern for public affairs and to further the common good by registering themselves as voters and taking an active part in the District Board elections in 1985 and the Urban and Regional Council elections in 1986.
18 September More than 30 Catholic organizations submitted a joint proposal to the Hong Kong Government on the reform of the political structure of Hong Kong in the transition period leading to 1997, with particular reference to democratization and direct elections to the Legislature.
1985 25 March At the invitation of the Religious Affairs Bureau under the State Council, Bishop Wu led a 5 member delegation on a visit to Beijing and Shanghai. It was the first time a Catholic Bishop from the Diocese of Hong Kong, a Chinese Bishop, officially visited Mainland China since 1949.
15 July Invited by the Holy Spirit Study Centre and led by Bishop Aloysius Jin Luxian (金魯賢主教) an eight-member delegation, including clergy and laity from the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Church in Shanghai, visited Hong Kong for the first time since 1949.
10 October In accordance with the new Code of Canon Law, and in pursuance of the diocesan renewal programme, Bishop John B. Wu decided that the three Zonal Delegates, whose terms of office had expired, were to be replaced by three Episcopal Vicars. The territorial divisions would henceforth be known as Vicariates.
1986 21-31 January At the invitation of the Director of the Religious Affairs Bureau of Guangdong Province, Bishop Wu led a 7-member delegation on a visit to Guangzhou and the eastern part of Guangdong Province.
15 November St. Josephs Rectory, Kowloon-North East, erected (parish since 1 December 1992).
1987 24 April Annunciation Quasi-Parish, Chai Wan Kok-Tsuen Wan West and Rural, erected (parish since 1 December 1992; church dedicated on 4 December 1993).
1 May Ecclesiastical territories until then called Rectories were henceforth named QUASI-PARISH, and their Rectors were named PASTORS, who as such would have all the faculties proper to parish priests in the Diocese.
3 July The territory of St. Alfreds Parish was divided and two new Quasi-Parishes were erected in Shatin, dedicated respectively to the Blessed Martyrs of China (parish since 14 November 1993) and to St. Benedict (parish since 1 December 1992; church dedicated on 20 February 1993).
1988   Centennial Celebrations of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception.
19 March St. Josephs Church, Kwun Tong, blessed.
29 May (Trinity Sunday) Pope John Paul II (教宗若望保祿二世) publicly nominated Bishop John B. Wu to the Cardinalate.
28 June The Bishop was officially made Cardinal in the Consistory.
11 November Incorporation of St. Vincents Parish, Hang Hau, and Assumption of Our Lady Parish, Rennies Mill, from New Territories Vicariate into Kowloon Vicariate.
1989   An Evening Theology Degree Course for lay people was opened at Holy Spirit Seminary College.
1 March Canonical erection of Notre Dame Quasi-Parish, To Kwa Wan (parish since 30 May 1992).
14 May (Pentecost) Cardinal John B. Wu issued his Pastoral Exhortation March into the Bright Decade: on the Pastoral Commitment of the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong.
11 July Letter of Cardinal John B. Wu to the Bishops of the world, requesting them to appeal for justice, order and democracy in China, and asking for their solidarity in the future of Hong Kong issue and the Vietnamese Refugees issue.
15 December St. Matthew the Apostle Quasi-Parish, Butterfly Estate, Tuen Mun, erected (parish since 14 November 1993).