The design on the Coat of Arms is based on Cardinal John B. Wu’s “Interim Report and Proposals” relating to his Pastoral Exhortation “March into the Bright Decade”. The view of Victoria Harbour stands for “Love for Hong Kong”. The Great Wall of China symbolizes “Solidarity with China”. The dove, depicting the Holy Spirit, highlights the “Mission to proclaim the Good News”, while its posture brings out the need for us “to be rooted locally, yet bearing a global outlook”.


The motto is taken from Ps. 23 and Jn. 10:14-16. In Latin it says: “Dominus Pastor Meus” which means, in English, “The Lord is my Shepherd”. This motto expresses the desire to be a good pastor and a faithful servant, in the footsteps of Jesus the Good Shepherd, thereby contributing towards building up the Church as One Body and Mankind as One Family.





牧徽上的圖像來自胡樞機《邁向光輝的十年》牧函中期報告及計劃書,維多利亞港景代表「香港心」,萬里長城象徵「中國情」,聖神標誌「福傳使命感」,而聖神的姿態則展示「地、胸懷世界」。格言取自聖詠第二十三首及若望福音第十章第十四至十六節,中文是「主為我牧」,拉丁文 是Dominus Pastor Meus;祈望能步武善牧基督,做個好牧人、好僕人,促使教會一體、人類一家早日實現 。